Assignment First

  本篇留学生代写论文-思维方式的形式和层次讲了谈判时,思维方式的形式和思维方式的层次是很重要的。思维方式取决于具体情况。报告讨论了层次思维方式和外部思维水平。它认为在当前形势下,层次化的思维方式是最优的。报告强调了谈判进程的不同阶段,并强调了谈判前阶段的重要性。本篇留学生代写论文文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The current report focuses on negotiation for the sale and purchase of a commercial asset such as a business or a piece of real estate. The negotiation occurred between the representatives of Farnsworth Property Trust (the client) and the representative of Pashendale Holdings Ltd’s (the vendor). The client aims for negotiating asking price down for 10%. The vendor demands for $56 million dollars for the property.

  The vendor’s hierarchical thinking style and external thinking level are optimal for this negotiation. The vendor prioritized and allocated resources carefully. The BATNA and reservation values were decided after careful evaluation of alternative options. The ZOPA range was estimated. ZOPA range depended on the reservation value of both the client and the vendor.

  The negotiation started at $59 million. The client proposed $50 million for the property. The vendor was aware of client’s need. The vendor then dropped the price to $56 dollars which was 5% lower than their bid in the market. The client acknowledged vendor’s issue and raised the price to $50.2 million. The reservation value for vendor is $53 million and for client is $50.2 million. The ZOPA range is thus established for this negotiation. The outright rejection of the deal by the client leads to acceptance of client’s final price by the vendor. The client and the vendor finally reached an agreement.


  The form of thinking style and level of thinking style are important for negotiation. Thinking style depends on the situation. The report discusses hierarchical thinking style and external level of thinking. It considers hierarchical thinking style as optimal in current situation. The report highlights different phases of negotiation process and also focuses on importance of pre-negotiation phase.