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  本篇留学生作业代写-公司法律案例研究讲了Amy为维护自身利益,建议进入有限责任公司注册。首先,有限责任公司的最大优势是在资不抵债的情况下不包括个人资产。个人资产不存在风险,因为所有者的责任在一定程度上是有限的。这一点非常重要,因为艾米想结婚生子。这表明,她将有自己的私人生活,她宁愿把它与她的业务分开,而不是把她的个人资产置于风险之中。这些资产为她提供了安全保障,以防出现任何不利情况。再次,如前所述,她需要30多万美元来投资她的新饮茶餐厅,任何债务都有某种担保,她宁愿不把自己的个人资产作为担保,而是选择公司资产作为信贷的冲抵。本篇留学生作业代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Amy has a successful restaurant business running in Sydney, and soon she buys a Mercedes luxury car, an expensive home in Chatswood, and an investment property in Burwood. This is all done from the sole trader business profits that she has been able to make with her restaurant business. Amy has $200,000 for her business for further investments, and will also need further $300,000 for opening a yum-cha restaurant in Ashfield. Amy has done substantial investment for herself and she intends to get married and have children in the future. She has multiple plans and the plan of a growing business will need much capital to be invested further to expand in different territory.

  Considering the above scenario and the future requirement of capital of $300,000, Amy is advised to enter limited liability company incorporation as it will safeguard her own interest. Firstly, a limited liability company has the best advantage of not including the personal assets in case of insolvency. The personal assets are not at risk as the liability of the owners is limited to an extent. This is extremely important as Amy wants to marry and have children. It indicates that she will have a personal life which she would prefer to keep it separate from her business and not put any of her personal assets at risk. The assets provide security for her in case of any downside. Again, as mentioned she needs $300,000 more to invest in her new yum-cha restaurant, and any debt comes with some kind of security and she would prefer not to keep her personal assets as security but instead opt for company assets as a charge against the credit.

  She must register the company in Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC)by applying to ASIC and filling in ASIC Form 201 mentioning all details. She can select the type of company to be registered and she must select a limited liability company after giving a suitable name of her choice to her company. Before registering, Amy must decide the number of directors of the company and then decide whether the company will be governed internally through the replaceable rules, through its own constitution, or be governed with the combination of both. This gives an advantage in forming a code of conduct for all the employees of the company including the directors. All director must be minimum 18 years of age when applying and must provide consent to the registration of the company along with the consent of the secretary of the company. The application form is then lodged to ASIC with a registration fee of $412 after which the company will receive a certificate of registration by ASIC. The company must also have at least one member who will be not less than 18 years of age while registering. The consent of the member is also required while registering. The directors and the secretary must reside in Australia.