Assignment First

  本篇論文代筆價錢-3G覆蓋的高速連接講了從幾個不同的家庭收集的調查數據指出,可達性問題源於基礎設施、負擔能力、技能等問題。在基礎設施方面,並不是所有的政府都被認爲提供了人們連接所需的正確的基礎設施。可見,3G覆蓋的高速連接在全球範圍內是不可用的。世界上許多國家也都缺電。家庭的第二個主要問題似乎是負擔能力。對於家庭來說,能否負擔得起互聯網連接是一個非常重要的問題。本篇論文代筆價錢文章由加拿大第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  Survey data collected from several different households pinpoint the problem of accessibility as arising from issues of infrastructure, affordability, skills and more. In terms of infrastructure, not all governments are seen to provide for the right infrastructure needed for people to connect. It is seen that fast speed connections that the 3G coverages are not available globally. There is lack of electricity as well in many countries around the world. A second major issue for households seems to be affordability. The affordability of the internet connection is a very major point for households. It is not just the devices that are usable, but it is observed that the form of monthly or annual pay would serve as a barrier for people who want to get the internet connections. With a major part of the world population still struggling to make just above the poverty line, the issue of personal and household finances is a major determinant for internet access and use. Even if accessibility is not impacted because of the income and affordability, the form of internet device that is sought or used will change based on the user personal finances. Some users would be able to afford broadband services, some users will be able to afford only dial up services, so the speed of the internet, the quality that they can afford will be impacted based on household income. On a similar note, it can be stated that person determinants such as the skills of person, their culture and more would have an impact. Some would not be educated and this would be a barrier for them towards understanding the significance of the internet, some would have cultural issues. For instance, in some countries that internet would be used more by men than women. In addition, the local issues such as language could affect the adoption of the internet. It is identified that around 80% were identified through the STATA analysis of the given data (UKDA Information for Study 6114) in online context that is generated only in a few languages. This English is a majority. Language issues hence are observed to be a significant impact on accessibility. The data below from UKDA study represents the statistics about internet access based on various parameters.