Assignment First

  本篇論文代筆價錢-洪泛區的管理講了對洪泛區進行有效的管理是很重要的。洪泛區的管理包括對洪泛區生存過程的認識以及由此產生的內在風險的認識。除此之外,瞭解洪水可能造成的不同影響也很重要。另一個重要的問題是,是否同樣的影響社區(Plate, 2002)。其中一個最佳實踐包括瞭解與洪水相關的行爲,這樣就可以理解與洪水相關的風險,在一個有效的管理者中進行溝通,並以合理的方式減輕風險。FRM框架是有用的,因爲它有助於作出明智的決策,有關風險的管理和經濟投資,這是需要在泛洪平原的整體發展。本篇論文代筆價錢文章由加拿大第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  FRM Framework

  It is important to have an efficient management of the floodplains. The management of the floodplains includes the complete process, including the acknowledgement of the process of living on the flood plains and the inherent risk which may come up because of the same. In addition to this, it is also important to understand the different impact which may be caused because of the floods. Also another important question is whether the same impacts the community (Plate, 2002). One of the best practices includes the understanding of the behavior related to the flood so that the risk related to the flood can be understood, communicated in an effective manager and can be mitigated in a justifiable manner. FRM framework is useful as it helps in making the informed decision related to the management of the risk and economic investment that is required in the overall development of the floodplain.

  The efforts related to the process of Floodplain risk Management may be prioritized on the basis of the scale of overall growth which may be there in the risk. This is mainly because of the new development which is there in the flood plain and the risk which it has for the existing community. The treatment to the same may include the processes such as the combination of the flood mitigation, having an effective management, warning of floods and awareness of the community.

  The FRM framework is important as it helps to provide a robust approach for the management of the risks that are related to the flood. It also helps in the effective understanding of the management of the process related to the flood risk. The framework is helpful as it encourages the collection, improvement and dissemination of the best available information which may be related to the behavior of the flood and the associated risk of the same to the community.