Assignment First

本篇文章主要講述媒體內容需考慮倫理性,在開發媒體內容時,必須遵循一定的倫理考慮。 TARES(真實性、真實性、尊重、公平和社會責任)道德測試必須由公司使用,以確保他們遵循規定的道德要求。重要的是,媒體和信息傳播的公司,以確保他們是真實的。可靠的消息來源應該向人們解釋公司的實際情況。應該努力確保可信度,任何信息在提交給員工之前都應該經過公司的認證。本篇論文代筆價錢由加拿大第一論文Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

While developing media content, certain ethical considerations must be adhered. TARES (Truthfulness, authenticity, respect, equity and social responsibility) ethical tests must be used by the company to ensure they follow the prescribed ethical mandates. It is important for the media and the message disseminated by the company to ensure that they are truthful. Credible sources should explain to the people the actual state of the company. There should be efforts taken to ensure credibility and any information should be authenticated by the company before presenting it to its people.
There should not be deceptive content or false information that would be propagated in the media. There should be inclusivity in the content and the symbolic representation of the content does not exclude anyone based on their gender, ideology or ethnicity. There should be egalitarianism that follows in the media content along with the innate social responsibility. It is imperative that the media of driving people towards performance not hinge on any unethical practices. The audience who receive the content should be made aware of this fundamental message. IBM is facing financial crisis that has stemmed from productivity issues of the employees and the extenuating threats from the macro environmental factors.
This financial crisis could lead to the issue of sustenance of the company in long term. There should be effective measures developed by the company to address this issue. The company is using granular segmentation strategy to address towards the needs of this issue. The audience is the employees of the company. The message that is to be delivered to the people are to improve their operational process, ensure there is more competitive innovation in the company and find ways to improvise on the existing operations of the company. The tools and the channels used by the company are mediated channels by the top management and possible interrelationship talks with the employees. The mediated channels are used by the company to ensure the larger reach that a company will have to meet the people. Apart from this the company should follow the TARES code to reach out to the people in the company. TARES is the ethical guideline that the company must use to reach to a larger audience.