Assignment First

  本篇論文代筆-教ESL學生數學講了數學是需要分析過程的語言之一。人們需要選擇正確的操作和導出答案所需的強制過程。ESL學生需要理解這些概念。本篇論文代筆文章由加拿大第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  The use of prepositions is different and they are used to denote the signal operations. The unique mathematical sentences need to be comprehended. For example, a simple addition is denoted as combine, sum, increased by and plus.

  The next factor is the conceptual language. Mathematics is one of the languages that require analytical processes. The people need to choose the correct operation and the mandatory process that is needed to derive answers. The ESL student needs to understand these concepts (Schleppegrell, 2010).

  Procedural knowledge is needed to understand about the different textbooks. The ESL students need to encounter classroom lectures and textbooks. The ESL students need to learn about the procedure. This would cause tremendous frustration and confusion for the ESL students. The ESL students need to be accustomed to be reading and writing from right to left. Added to this, the use of periods instead of commas needs to be considered to denote the decimal points. The commas are used in place of decimal numbers in certain counties. These numbers face the issues of measurements. Such as meter and use of inches or foot. These different systems of measurement and the ways in which the money is written are found to vary. In some cultures, the ways to process the numbers are different when compared to the other cultures. The language acquisition that takes place needs to be meaningful and understandable (Riley and Ungerleider, 2012).

  There is a lack in procedural knowledge based on different cultures by the students. The teachers do not have the time to learn a new culture. The students need to focus on the learning of the second language more successfully.

  These are some of the main challenges that the teachers face while teaching the language to the students. These are explored in the following.