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  本篇论文代写-爱丁堡毛纺厂讲了爱丁堡毛纺厂的当务之急是能够独立管理整个产品开发周期,并对其进行密切监控。这将需要进行一系列的活动,从选择原料到甚至纺纱,然后织布。它将包括在英国和海外市场生产和设计布料、服装和针织品。产品开发和采购由Momentis系统负责。这为管理人员提供了功能上的灵活性和信息的可见性。因此,它将导致降低物流、规划、生产和供应链周期的成本。这将使爱丁堡毛纺厂对客户的要求作出更迅速的反应。本篇论文代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Edinburgh Woollen Mill’s need of the hour is to be able to manage the entire product development cycle on its own and monitor it closely. This would require a range of activities to be performed which would range from the selection of raw materials to even the spinning of yarns and thereafter weaving of the cloth. It would involve manufacturing and designing the cloth and garments and knitwear in the UK and the overseas market. Product Development and Sourcing is taken care by Momentis Systems. This provides the management officials with the functional flexibility and the visibility of information. Thus, it would result in reduction of the cost of logistics, planning, production and the supply chain cycles. This will enable Edinburgh Woollen Mills to react more rapidly to customer requirements. Thus, it would lead to reducing the lead times, thereby gaining competitive advantage and improving the efficiency of the business. The group has grown with its effective market strategies and growth plans. It is now well-known as a leading brand and one of the best mid-market performers in their industry sector. This has been possible only because of the group’s consistent efforts of delivering premium services and excellent customer service. Edinburgh Woollen Mills Group has continued to over the years. It has invested in various acquisitions which have not only added to the portfolio of the group, but also has expanded its customer base. Over the years, it had acquired various top notch brands which included the assets of Rosebys and Ponden Mill. They have now been re-positioned in the market by the name of Ponden Home. This chain has around 91 stores across the nation. Another major acquisition was Proquip. This brand has been well-known to be the famous sponsor of the Ryder Cup European Tour. It specializes in manufacturing the best waterproof clothing. A more recent acquisition undertaken by the EWMG has been Jane Norman. Jane Norman is famous for its international reach. It is a high end fashion brand for youngsters and has operates around 78 stores and commands a strong international presence.


  Hence, in the report, the Edinburgh Woollen Mills Group has been analysed in detail. The Edinburgh Woollen Mill Ltd was founded in the year 1946. A management buyout took place thereafter; under the guidance of the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Philip Day. It hence became an independent entity and a privately owned company. The Edinburgh Woollen Mill has its business spread out over 300 high end and mainstream street fashion stores. It also operates various town destination sites and tourist shops. The major product of the group is clothing, however, the brand undertook some major acquisitions to cater to its fashion and trend conscious consumers. It sells various luxury high quality goods, thus offering value for money. The fashion clothes and luxury goods suit the need of every occasion and cater to all age groups. The Edinburgh Woollen Mill is a well-known brand in UK. It has also earned a reputation for being an industry expert in luxury cashmere. Therefore, the Edinburgh Woollen Mills Group has been in the market for several decades and with the excellent quality of goods and superior customer service, it has been able to serve the market well and be one of the topmost brands present in the UK market (Twigg, 2012).