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  本篇论文代写-巴基斯坦的经济状况讲了只有在一个地方的经济条件可行的情况下,公司才会扩大其在该国家的业务。巴基斯坦的计划得到了国际货币基金组织的支持,并假定本年度的增长率至少为4.3%,预计3年后将升至5%。该国的通货膨胀率稳定在7.9%。同时也注意到我国税收的改善,由于支出的限制,财政赤字控制在GDP的6%左右。这个国家的经济增长缓慢,但很稳定。国家宽松的财政政策得到了纠正,技术的发展和公司的设立实际上帮助了国家的经济发展。报告显示,中国经济正在加速发展,2013年至2015年的发展是稳定的。这种经济增长的好处在于,它是由制造业和服务业推动的。本篇论文代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The global environment

  The main points which the company will have to focus on when thinking of entering Pakistan would be-

  the exchange rates

  the political conditions

  language and culture of Pakistan

  the economic policies

  how the country treats foreign companies

  labour and environmental standards

  trade agreements


  exportations and importations

  Economic conditions in Pakistan

  Only if the economic conditions of a place are feasible would a company expand its division in the said country. Pakistan has plans which have been supported by the IMF and is assumed that in the current year the growth would be 4.3% at least which is expected to rise to 5% in 3 years. The inflation rate in the country is steady at 7.9%. Also it has been noticed that the tax collection is improved in the country and because of the restricted expenditure, the fiscal deficit is something contained at 6% of GDP. The economic growth in the country is slow, but is a steady. The loose fiscal stances of the country are corrected, and the technological developments and its incorporations are actually helping the country to develop economically. The reports show that economically the country is pacing up and the development between 2013 and 2015 has been a stable one. And the good part about this economic growth is that it has been driven by manufacturing and service sectors. Economically speaking, Pakistan in ways benefits from-

  Viability of natural resources, especially coal

  The domestic demands in the country is stable and growing

  A majority of the populations are young and workable in the country

  A part of fast growing Asia (Donnellan, 2002)

  Also UK is one of the countries which have more than 100 countries of its functioning in Pakistan already, and in 2014 the goods exported were worth £618 million to Pakistan. The main opportunities which can be provided to UK when entering Pakistan would be-

  A steady growth in the said business division.

  A good navigation connection



  LNG infrastructure and import


  Oil and gas