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  本篇論文代寫-暢銷書和文化之間的關係講了在這篇文獻綜述中,我們將重點討論書籍和一個地方的文化之間的關係。一個地方的暢銷書和文化之間有着深刻的媒介影響和錯綜複雜的關係。這本暢銷書是關於一個地方的文化內涵的變量之一。這些因素在下面詳細探討。本篇論文代寫文章由加拿大第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  In this literature review there will be focus on the relationship between book and a culture of a place. There is a profound impact of media and an intricate relationship that exists between best seller books and culture of a place. This best seller is one of the variables that espouses about the cultural connotations of a place. These factors have been probed in detail in the following.

  2.1 Relationship Between Books and Culture of a Place

  In the case of a media message propagation a simple heuristic needs to be understood. Media uses a communicator and a medium through which it expresses its fundamental ideology to the people. In this context the people are referred to as audience. The communicator uses this tool to elucidate their opinion. Books are an integral aspect of mass media (Barry, and Fulmer, 2004). Best seller books explain about the preference of the audience and their predilection towards an idea.

  In this situation the concept of popular culture and the preferences of the people is a dynamic concept that keeps conforming according to the events in the society (Barry, and Fulmer, 2004). The once popular books may be considered to be outdated and even quaint in the culture. This makes understanding of the popular culture and the preferences of people a very tricky notion. It is difficult to actually define the heuristically pattern that exists between the societies and their preference towards the best seller books. There have been many pedagogical studies that try to understand the relationship between the best seller books and culture of a place.

  This popular culture is usually defined as something that is not accepted by the elitist. The oft cited reason for this connotation is that these mass culture or best seller books are only reflections of the consumer culture of a place (Seale, 2004)..

  Modern day media and the reasons for developing best seller is not dependent on the content in the book alone there are many aspects and technology modals that play an important role. There should be appreciation from the other media portals such as social media, video sharing networks, digital television. There is a need for cross-marketing objectives that should be probed to understand the heuristically pattern of relationship between the best seller books and the people. Modern society cannot be conformed to any generic aspects. There are a multitude of people living with various ideologies in the society. They can be divided into many groups based on their ideologies, socio economic status and age demography. This causes the concept of best seller means that the majority of these groups are in line with the ideologies propagated in the books.