Assignment First

  本篇論文代寫-“重複”意識形態講了本論文將探討與行爲藝術概念相關的“重複”意識形態(Lefebvre, 2003.)。這一分析是通過從藝術家的角度追蹤意識形態,他們的藝術作品在觀衆和社會上的表現。在此之後,研究探討了審查的從業人員的工作。不同的意識形態通過探索不同的制高點得到了探索。本篇論文代寫文章由加拿大第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  Repetition is defined as the activity or pattern that arises from repeated actions of individuals and societies (Deleuze, 1994). These acts of repetition are seen in banal activities. It is even considered to be a trite practice to understand the semiotics of this behavioral pattern. These Acts of repetitions manifests itself in everyday existence. Many of the factors that influence people are seen in the acts of repetition (Goldberg, 1979). This act of repetition from primal activities to the convoluted pattern defines and conforms to societal ideologies. From interpersonal relationship it becomes a microcosm integral aspect of the macro social environment.

  From a physical perspective, repetition has been observed in breathing rhythm and heart beat. There are a lot of nuances and intricate issues that have been derived from a normal physical aspect of society. Preliminary analysis identified that replication could identify sublimation or devolution of feelings about one object to another. By analysis of the nuances and intricacies of the socially communication art, this dissertation will investigate into the ideology of “repetition” that is related to the notions of performance arts (Lefebvre, 2003.). This analysis is done by tracing ideologies from the perspective of the artists, their manifestation of their artwork on audiences and societal conformities. Subsequent to this, the research explores examining of the work of the practitioners. Differing ideologies have been probed by exploring different vantage point. The starting points of influence to start investigation into this research topic have been probed in detail in the following analysis. From this analysis, the influence of the connection between performance art and public will be comprehended in the process. Eventually, this thesis will benefit the analysis and evaluation con-ducted in this dissertation. All ethical considerations have been done. Viewpoints of the different authors and proper referencing have been undertaken. Possible limitation to this dissertation is that personal reflections that have been added could be biased in spite of adhering to neutral viewpoints and making critical analysis.