Assignment First

本篇文章主要講述的是公司的戰略營銷策略,該公司能夠改變其品牌形象,滿足消費者的需求。 2006年,公司管理層意識到僅僅生產商品是不夠的。他們本質上應該被給予一種體驗(Kajalo, and Lindblom, 2015)。在奢侈品銷售領域,這是千真萬確的。儘管對於在線渠道的重要性越來越大,但對於奢侈品品牌來說,大量消費者更喜歡零售體驗(Caniato, Caridi, and Moretto, 2013)。在2006年之前,公司的零售店都有自己的形象和提供服務(Donnell, Hutchinson, and Reid, 2012)。本篇論文代寫由加拿大第一論文Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。
The company was able to change its brand persona and meet consumer demands. In 2006 the company management realized that it was not enough to produce merchandise. They should be essentially given an experience (Kajalo, and Lindblom, 2015). This is very true where luxury brands are sold. In spite of the growing importance to online channels, a large number of consumers prefer retail experience in the case of luxury brands (Caniato, Caridi, and Moretto, 2013). Prior to 2006, the company retail outlets each had its own image and delivered services (Donnell, Hutchinson, and Reid, 2012).
 This factor changed in the company. The company wanted a uniform consumer experience where the consumers were given the same high quality service in all their retail and online stores. They oriented their marketing strategy to meet consumer demands and expectation. Company realized that to survive it is mandatory to be product oriented, interact with the target consumer base through online and retail channels. They have also embarked in a number of socially responsible activities to connect with the audience in general (Schramm-Klein, Morschett, and Swoboda, 2015). Company has also adopted a number of channels to reduce its environmental wastage and carbon emissions in its production process.
 Every aspect of their supply chain is checked to find ways to optimize resources and reduce wastage in the process. These CSR activities have also enabled the brand to gain a lot of brand equity in the process. To conclude, the company utilizes strategic marketing strategy that uses Omni channel tools to interact with the consumers. From 2006 onwards, the company has changed the internal organizational structure, which has reflected in the marketing strategy. It has integrated certain products and established a separate creative design team in order to create new designs. There has been increasing importance given to social media channels and online channels to reach a wider audience and create brand awareness of the product. It had tried to create homogeneity in its retail operations to create an experience for the brand. It has emerged as a strong global player owing to these activities.