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  本篇论文代写-公司治理问题讲了在公司治理和领导角色中,责任是对角色范围内的包括治理、管理和实施在内的决策、行动、产品和政策承担责任(Larcker和Tayan, 2015)。责任包括回答、解释和报告所产生的自然后果的义务。由于具有深远影响的决策通常是由领导者做出的,责任是道德的重要组成部分。本篇论文代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Link of corporate governance issue to performance and accountability

  Ethics has a considerable impact on the organizational performance and accountability. It is only the matter of consideration which engages in affecting either positively if ethical practices are in place or affecting negatively if the practices of corporate governance are unethical (Chhaochharia et al, 2012). The ethical practices within corporate governance are regarded as critical performance driver. It is pointed by the statistics that managers working within the organizations that are growing have scored higher in terms of the ethical behaviour as contrasted with the organizations that are declining. It is more likely that such declining organizations have portrayed unethical behaviour.

  Within the corporate governance and leadership roles, accountability is assumed responsibility for the decisions, actions, products and policies inclusive of governance, administration and implementation within the role scope (Larcker and Tayan, 2015). Obligation to answer, explain and report for the consequences that are resulting in nature is encompassed by the accountability. As decisions with consequences of far-reaching nature are often made by the leaders, the accountability holds considerable component of ethics.

  With regard to ethics, it is therefore evident that there is a clear connection of accountability and performance to ethics. If ethics is not followed, then both of these go missing or they are not available in the best possible framework. This is seen from many cases in the retail sector and Tesco is just one of them. It is either the issue of director’s independence or the ethics of transparency. This company has failed in all these terms comprehensively.

  Tesco, the food retailer, has hardly been out of the corporate scandal news. The company has admitted that it has indulged in over-stating its profits for first half of the year and has over started at around 250 billion Euros (Ntim and Soobaroyen, 2013). This has raised questions on the board of director’s composition and inappropriate use of policies of accounting. In order to meet with its failed targets, the company has further selected to take over compromise over its ethical standards. The scandal depicts a major fault at the end of the leaders along with their style of governance which seems to be faulty. The link between ethics, performance and accountability is evident from this case. This is because at Tesco with compromise over ethical standards, the company has lost its grounds over accountability and performance. Also, performance has definitely not been at the level as it was for the company before. For example, since the year 2007, the company has lost out on its share in the market consistently partially due to the fault on its part from the perspective of ethical standards maintenance.