Assignment First

  本篇論文代寫-工作場所的健康和安全培訓需求講了目前,主管負責員工的健康和安全。但是,沒有既定的政策。如果員工發現任何與健康和安全有關的問題,他或她可以與主管溝通。此外,該組織只有25名員工,因此成立一個指定工作組(DWG)可以有效地保持健康和安全。DWG是通過協商將工作場所內具有類似健康和安全利益的工人分組。本小組將選舉一名健康和安全代表(HSR)討論健康和安全問題。本篇論文代寫文章由加拿大第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  Presently, the supervisor looks after the health and safety of the employees. However, there are no established policies. If any employee perceives any issue related health and safety, he or she can communicate with a supervisor. In addition, there are only 25 employees in the organization, so forming a Designated Work Group (DWG) can be effective to maintain health and safety. DWG is negotiated grouping of the workers within the workplace who possess similar health and safety interest. This group would elect one Health and Safety Representative (HSR) for discussing health and safety matters (WorkSafe Victoria, 2017).

  2. Health and safety training needs in the workplace

  In Philoçoffee Espresso Bar, no such formal training sessions is organized related to health and safety for the workers. The newly recruited employees are just introduced to the working environment and information and ideas are provided to best serve the business. Considering the lack of health and safety approach to the organization, the training needs should be included in the induction and when a new employee starts working there is listed below:

  As per the OHS act, employers should offer adequate information, instruction and supervision to help the workers to work effectively without risks to health (WorkSafe Victoria, 2017)

  The induction training for the new workers would include assessment of their position and key responsibilities to offer information related to risks and work and safety

  When a new employee joins the Café, he or she should be provided information in different languages about the health and safety, followed by the name of the person to whom the worker can enquire, report and complain about the health issues

  There should be written health and safety policies that should be provided to the employees at the time of induction (WorkSafe Victoria, 2005).

  Information should be provided to the employees regarding different tools and equipment that can be used by them to prevent risks related to burn, fall, trip and other physical risks.