Assignment First

  本篇论文代写-雇佣关系法案讲了马里昂的雇主严重违反了对她的合同义务。如果她被视为雇员,她应该得到必要的医疗和财政支持。此外,她的工作分配不应中断。还有一个通知期的概念,当雇员和雇主签订合同时都适用。然而,雇主违反了通知期的概念。在网上推广招聘广告,用另一名员工取代马里恩,这是不道德的,而且她从未被告知有这样的变化。此外,雇主不遵守合约条款,马里恩有责任向雇主Technicalities Ltd.提出争议。本篇论文代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  It is also seen that applying this act also subjects the employer to closely assist the employee in terms of her development, injuries, likelihood to get back to work, treatment as a worker or employee and net compensation amount.

  a) Marion is actually an office worker according to Technicalities Ltd but she has actually served the responsibilities of an employee to IS.

  b) Technicalities Ltd is the actual employer and she has been directed to a client of Technicalities Ltd only. Hence, this is more of a contractual job where Marion is liable to work for IS for a specific period and fulfillment of responsibilities as instructed by IS to Marion enables Technicalities Ltd to compensate on daily or weekly or monthly basis, as agreed. It is the sole responsibility of Technicalities Ltd to address her views and issues till Marion is completely recovered.

  c) Marion’s employer has seriously breached the contractual duty owed to her. Had she been considered an employee, she should have received the necessary medical and financial support. Further, her job allocation should not be discontinued. There is also a concept of notice period that is applicable for both the employee and employer when they enter into a contract. However, this notice period concept is breached by employer. Replacement of Marion with another employee by promoting a job advertisement online is unethical as well as she has never been intimated about this change. Additionally, the contractual terms are not followed by the employer and Marion is liable to file a dispute against her employer Technicalities Ltd.

  There is yet another claim that Marion can make at this point. It is the need for training of occupational hazard within the workplace which should have been done either by Technicalities Ltd or IS. However, neither did it as Marion was just utilized to complete the works of IS. Her hours of employment were not uniform and she had worked tirelessly to fulfill the jobs assigned by IS. Having denied a job during her pathetic situation, Technicalities and IS are accountable for every loss and torture caused to her at the workplace. Unethical approach is witnessed at many place during her employment period and all these stand as clear evidences for compensation demand from the company – IS and Technicalities.