Assignment First

  本篇論文代寫行情-成本效益分析講述了這項業務將由內部和外部來源提供資金。組織需要依法登記註冊,需要租用辦公室和聘用工作人員。企業的廣告將會被製作出來,並且需要進行商業活動的設備。其他費用也列於上表。本篇論文代寫行情文章由加拿大第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  The business will be financed from internal and external sources. The organizations need to be registered as per the law, need to rent the office and hire staff members. The advertisement of the business will be done and require equipment for carrying out the business activities. Other expenses are also given in the above table.

  Key capital expenditure items

  The key capital expenditures of the undertaken company are the cost of the raw materials, products, import duties as the company import the raw materials from New Zealand. The approximate cost of the imported products would be NZ$10,000. Besides this, the capital expenditure includes the establishment cost. As the proposed business is only trading of the imported cosmetic products in China thus, it does not require and plant and equipment. It just requires a well-furnished shop in an eminent shopping mall; thus the main expenditure is rent or cost of the shop. The rent of shop would be approximately NZ$400. Besides this, the shops require a good quality fridge in order to keep the cosmetic products as there are some products which may spoil in normal temperature. The approximate cost of the fridge is NZ$800 (Christensen, Cottrell and Budd, 2016). There are five sets of chair and table needed for the shop, and the approximate unit price of the set will be NZ$160. The shop must be decorated well in order to attract the customers, and the decorating cost of the shop would be NZ$10,000.

  Sources of supply, import and export, franchising and legal needs for business operation

  The business owner intends to import the cosmetic products from New Zealand as the cosmetic products of New Zealand have a huge demand in the Chinese market and the Chinese people basically the women are very much fond of the imported cosmetic products. The proposed business is not a franchise as the owner himself wants to do the business by importing the cosmetic products from New Zealand and sell that product in the Chinese market. He wants to open a cosmetic shop in any famous shopping mall and commence his business from there. Hence, the business does not need to pay any franchise fees (Parrino, 2015). The cosmetics products have a direct effect on the human body thus there are strict rule and regulation on the trading of cosmetic products from the Chinese government, and the business should maintain the required rules and regulations in order to conduct the business of cosmetic product in this market. Besides this, the owner has to maintain the required legalities in order to import the cosmetic product from New Zealand, and the import license should be availed by the owner for importing the products from New Zealand. Besides this, the owner must register his business with the local government authority as the business entity and must prepare all the taxation papers required for the proposed business in order to avoid any legal issues. For the business operation requires efficient resourcing as it provides cost effectiveness to the business.