Assignment First

  本篇論文代寫價格-澳洲電信的营销传播講了澳洲電信的目標客戶是中、高收入階層,不分年齡、性別和種族。公司提供了三種服務或產品。它是寬帶服務、移動服務和平板電腦服務。該公司爲消費者提供了各種各樣的價格。他們能夠理解服務的產品生命週期很小,並且能夠根據這些需求開發服務。公司仍然面臨競爭,勞動力成本上升,公司容易受到市場波動的影響。這些都是公司未來可能面臨的障礙。本篇論文代寫價格文章由加拿大第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  The place is where the actual sales of the product are targeted. Distribution is the key element of this placement. It depends mainly on the supply chain logistics paradigm adopted by the company. The placement of the product is based on the services and the requirements of the end consumers. This method of procuring the product from a retail or online space has been considered in the place of the marketing campaign. Telstra is able to provide broadband and mobile service to almost the whole of Australia including the small towns. In the previous times, the company was able to provide 4G services for the capital area or the central business areas. In the current times, it is able to provide services to 99% of Australia. The speed and coverage might be altered based on the terrain and the physical distance from the base station (Kotler et al., 2015). Towards the end of 2012, the company was able to provide services to the whole of the continent. The company also tries to expand its consumer base by developing unique propositions based on the place. There are plans for the expansion of the services rendered by the company to the international markets. The company has the potential to serve the global markets and hence is looking to expand this place segmentation of the markets.

  Practical implication

  The company has managed to gain immense brand image. It is considered to be a major player in the Australian markets. There is a general positive brand image associated with the company and this has enabled the company to gain competitive advantages in the market. In spite of these issues, there are some threats and internal weakness that the company needs to handle. The company needs to handle highly competitive markets, the cost structure of the services needs to be regularly updated based on the competition and the company is facing issues to maintain the current level of productivity (Kotler et al., 2015). The company is dependent on the financial markets and hence the external financial securities can affect the performance of the company. Increasing costs and the labor supply can become a possible hurdle for the company to maintain performance. This can affect the investor relations with the company and the future investments for the company can become jeopardized owing to this factor.

  Summary and conclusion

  Marketing communication of a company is the paradigm that has been associated by the company to interact with their consumer base. There are many channels to communicate with the consumers in the modern times. From a theoretical perspective, the company first identifies their target market demography and then develops a marketing campaign for this demography. Price, promotion, place and product are the main modes through which a company communicates with the consumers and formulate their marketing campaign.

  Telstra Communication targets the consumers from middle and upper incomes range irrespective of the age, gender and ethnicity. There are three kinds of services or kinds of product that have been offered by the company. It is the broadband services, mobile services and the tablet service. The company has a diverse range of pricing for the consumers. They have been able to understand that the product life cycle of the services is small and have been able to develop services based on these needs. The company still faces competition, rising labor costs and the company is vulnerable to the market fluctuations. These are the possible hurdles for the company to sustain in the future.