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  本篇论文代写价格-Bakers Delight的市场分析讲了根据以往的趋势,可以对Bakers Delight的烘焙产品进行市场细分。菲利浦岛的贝克乐特许经营店的主要目标市场是经常有游客和当地居民前往该岛。便利的客户服务和以极具竞争力的价格提供的个人客户关注可能成为赢得该目标市场本地细分市场的首要因素。本篇论文代写价格文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。


  The weakness of being franchise of Bakers Delight comes in the form of fierce competition from the unorganized local sector, which decreases the market share and profits.

  The Bakers Delight’s products and brand name are famous among Australian people, but for the tourist concentrated Philip Island, there is low brand awareness.


  Building up the Bakers Delight would be a great opportunity to start an entrepreneurial venture.

  It gives support and training for the new franchisees.

  Using the established name along with better technologies would result in higher customer satisfaction, and therefore sustained business.

  The opportunities of tie-ups with the restaurants in Philip Island and providing the products through online shopping would result in greater sales and profits.


  The fierce competition from globally recognizable bakery chains.

  Constant changes in customer preferences and tastes.

  Market segmentation and positioning of the products

  The market segmentation for the bakery items of Bakers Delight could be done on the basis of its past trends. The central target market for the franchise of Bakers Delight in the Philip Island is the regular stream of tourists visiting the island along with its local residents. Convenient customer service and individual customer attention provided at a highly competitive price could become the prime factor in winning the local market segment of this target market (Franchise Business 2015).

  Also, the needs of the market have to be taken care of. Given that the Philip Island has a warm and tropical for most of the year around, it always has a huge inflow of tourists. The people visiting Australia come to the island specially for the local tourist attractions, dolphins and Philip Island National Park. Therefore, the need of bakery items specially in hotels, restaurants and coffee shops remains in much demand throughout the year. With the increase in overall tourism of the country in past few decades, the local businesses are booming and making the most of the present opportunities. Thus, Bakers Delight can position itself at market segment in which it pays attention to the needs of the visiting tourist and tie-ups with restaurants and hotels.