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论文代写价格 :创业成功和失败因素的问题研究



论文代写价格 :创业成功和失败因素的问题研究

What is the theoretical understanding of success and failure factors with respect to entrepreneurships in the context of guanxi?
How can guanixi and social capital cultural theories of China be modified so as to suit newer entrepreneurships?
What are the insights gained on culture and influence from failed entrepreneurships in Chinese rural areas?
Qualitative research method is used here. 1) Firstly, interview data is used to construct case studies (Appendix A) and then based on grounded theory (Appendix B), the role of Guanxi in entrepreneurships is identified. Based on the understanding of the existing case studies, industry professionals will be interviewed on why they believe guanxi could contribute to failures in entrepreneurships. Three different sets of data will be used here.
Data Set 1 (Primary Data): The case study data (Appendix A), shows that guanxi still plays a role in entrepreneurships and is supportive as a success factor.

论文代写价格 :创业成功和失败因素的问题研究

Data Set 2 (Secondary Data): Failed entrepreneurial activities in China was because of guanxi being exploited. Studies similar to Zhang (2011)’s “The impact of guanxi networks on the employment relations of rural migrant women in contemporary China” will be used.
Data Set 3 (Primary Data): Interview data on understanding of guanxi by industry professionals and how they perceive guanxi to have a positive and/or negative effect on the entrepreneurship success or failure. These professionals can provide unbiased opinions on why an organization might fail.