Assignment First

  本篇論文 代寫 價格-大衆的商業道德問題讨论了考慮到使用功利主義的道德問題,我們可以看到大衆並沒有採取一種能夠使最大多數人的福利最大化的方式。該法案與功利主義信念不一致,功利主義信念認爲它必須提高儘可能多的人的福利。如果該公司選擇了一種與功利主義信念一致的行爲,它本可以避免自己的聲譽受損的災難。事實上,公司似乎被不惜一切代價超越競爭對手,甚至是社會和人民的慾望的污垢所玷污,並採取了這種不道德的行爲,最終被證明是對環境和人民有害的。本篇論文 代寫 價格文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Analysis of the ethical issue using Utilitarianism and assessment of net utility

  Utilitarianism is a form of normative ethics which believes in maximising utility of any action. It proposes that any action must be such that it is able to maximise the well-being of the maximum number of people (Häyry, 1994).

  Considering the ethical issue using utilitarianism, it is seen that VW has not acted in a way which is able to maximise the well-being of the maximum number of people. The act is not aligned with the utilitarian belief that it must enhance the well-being of as many people as possible. If the company would have opted for an act which was aligned with the utilitarian belief, it could have saved itself from the disaster of its own reputation damage. The company in fact seemed to be besmeared with the dirt of incessant desire of outgrowing their competitors at any cost, even those of the society and people, and adopted such unethical act which turned out to be harmful for the environment and for the people (Argenti, 2015).

  In a scenario where it would have followed the utilitarian belief and would have avoided the use of the defeat device, it would probably have sold few cars, profits would have been less, owners would not have received their desired expectation, and the company would not have captured enough customers and acquired new ones. The act could have disappointed its shareholders as it could not have reached its target identified. On the other hand, it could have saved its image from being pulled over for unethical acts. It could also lose millions of loyal customers and millions of new ones who were thinking of buying a VW car. The net utility of the act which VW has committed would derive less net utility than the one in which it avoids the use of defeat device and follow ethical standards during emission tests (Blackwelder et al., 2016). The net utility will fall following the act of VW using the defeat device, as it will lose trust and loyalty from consumers, and the cost of acquiring new customers or recalling the old ones will rise significantly. The net utility will rise if it had avoided using the defeat device to unethically qualify for the emission tests.