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学生应具备基本的生理健康知识和对当前技术的认识。他们至少应该有高中文凭(Ulrich, 2013)。

Bounce Fitness是一个机会均等的雇主,因此员工应该遵守公司规定的道德准则。除了工资支票,员工还将获得健康福利和奖金,作为员工留任方法的一部分。

在一年中最繁忙的时候,会临时聘用合约员工。根据他们的表现,他们将被聘为正式员工(Ulrich, 2013)。


论文代写价格 :公司雇用员工的规划分析






论文代写价格 :公司雇用员工的规划分析

Discussion with the manager and notes from the meeting
The following were the key points that were discussed and noted. These are based on the inputs of the managers regarding the work positions.
The manager in the unite wants 12 more employees in the period of 6 months.
They should have basic physiological health information and have awareness of the current technology. They should have high school diploma at the least (Ulrich, 2013).
Bounce Fitness is an equal opportunity employer and hence the staff should follow the ethical guidelines mandated by the company. In addition to pay check, there will be health benefits and bonuses that will be provided to the employees as a part of the retention methods.
During the busy times of the year, there will be contractual staff who will be hired on a temporary basis. Based on their performances, they will be hired as a permanent staff (Ulrich, 2013).
The company is an equal opportunity employer, hence there will be equal number of men and women employees. There will be special considerations given to the indigenous people.

论文代写价格 :公司雇用员工的规划分析

The company will strive towards providing a safe working environment for the people. The employees have the right to a safe working environment and will have any avenues to voice their opinion. All the latest regulatory and compliances regarding the safety of the employees will be continually checked and enforced.
The key performance indices will be discussed between the employees and the supervisors. The metrics will be evaluated as a measure of performance management.
Remuneration will be competitive salary package. It will be above minimum wage for all the positions.
The possible constraints in hiring the right candidates are the availability of skilled workers for the job. A number of other competitive gyms and fitness centers are opening, hence, the availability of the personnel will be difficult.
During the quiet times, there can be the issues of over expectation of the consumers and this can also lead to issues for the company.