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  本篇论文代写价格-公司治理问题讲了公司治理视角与多类股尤其不同。双重股权结构常常会降低董事会的作用。它妨碍了他们向利益相关者,特别是公司股东,承担受托责任的能力。它们负有受托责任,必须确保股东回报得到满足。在某些情况下,公司会采用双重投票。在这些情况下,公司必须有基于事件触发的某些日落条款(Cox and Cox, 2017)。这将消除双重阶级投票。在多阶级结构中,股东待遇平等的问题往往被忽视。本篇论文代写价格文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Discuss corporate governance issues associated with multi-class shares in a company. How does this issue affect Alibaba’s decision to float and where to float?

  The corporate governance perspective and multi-class shares are in particular different. A dual-class structure often reduces the role of the board of directors. It impedes in their ability to address fiduciary responsibility to the stakeholders specifically the shareholders of the company. They have a fiduciary responsibility that is mandatory to ensure that the shareholder returns are met. In some cases, the companies invoke the dual class voting. In these cases, the company must have certain sunset provisions that are founded upon the triggering of the event (Cox and Cox, 2017). This would eliminate the dual class voting. The issues of shareholders being treated equally often get overlooked in the multi class structure.

  Hence, Alibaba must consider the board and the impact that it would cause on the stakeholder and the investors before floating. The company must have certain sunset provisions in place to protect the shareholder interest in case of the company considering the multi class structure.

  In Alibaba’s case what are the advantages/disadvantages of a dual-class share structure?

  In the recent times, the initial public offering (IPO) has been roaring back to life in the past few months. They are in the enviable position of considering a stock to be dual class or super majority. Alibaba can use this as leverage to the raising of capital without giving up the control. There is undue power that the company continues to wield. The original founders can continue to exercise more control. There is the allure of capital being raised without giving up the original control (Cox and Cox, 2017). These are some of the main advantages that Alibaba would wield in case of it deciding to have a multiclass structure. The founder of the company can maintain more operational control over the everyday activities. The shareholders can be relieved of the company’s decision-making process. During the times of hostile takeover, there are several benefits for the original founder. This causes the original founder of the company to wield more control over the operations. This is an important advantage for the company in the current times (Cox and Cox, 2017). There are certain important factors that the companies must consider in case of it considering to be a dual class structure.

  The long-term strategy of the company must be in liaisons with the capital requirements of the company. This strategy of Alibaba states that dual class structure would impact the growth of the company. The company could be perceived as risky by the outside investors. They may not be able to raise the capital requirements that are needed for the sustenance of the company (Cox and Cox, 2017). The potential downside is that it would impact the capital markets and all the stakeholders involved with the company would face a loss.

  Alibaba would face a number of issues in cases of dual class structure. The company needs to make decisions based on the dynamic events in the market. They need to alleviate the concerns of the shareholders and the investors if the company wants to raise the capital requirements. These are some of the advantages and disadvantages that a company would feel in case it wanted to be a dual class structure (Cox and Cox, 2017). It is up to each company to derive feasible solutions to raise capital, alleviate shareholder concerns and protect them in cases of hostile takeover of events.