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  本篇论文代写价格-行业绩效和行业内的竞争情况讲了在市场上,如果供应商数量多,那么公司就很容易在不降低产品质量的情况下找到更多负担得起的供应商。对于AMA集团来说,这将是一个很好的机会,因为市场上有很多供应商愿意以可承受的价格提供服务。本篇论文代写价格文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Analysis of Industry Performance and Present Rivalry within the Operating Industry

  3.3.1 Bargaining Capability of the Suppliers

  In a market, if the number of suppliers is high, then it will be easy for a company to find more affordable ones without compromising in quality of the goods. For AMA Group, it will be a good opportunity because there are a lot of suppliers in the market that are willing to provide service in an affordable rate.

  3.3.2 Bargaining Capability of the Customers

  The factor is indirectly proportional with the number of companies from the perspective of service providing companies. Form customer’s perspective, it is easy to switch from one company to another if they have any kind of affordable alternatives. In the Malaysian market, the number of existing companies is not in favour of AMA Group Limited.

  3.3.3 Threat of Competitive Rivalry

  In a developed country like Malaysia, the presence of automotive companies is prominent. Due to the presence of several different alternatives, convincing people to buy products from them will not be that easy for the company (Dixon, 2016).

  3.3.4 Threat of Substitute Options

  It is one of the most common and dangerous threats for any company. Availability of an alternative is fatal for any company. With the presence of a lot of company in the same section, the possibility of availability of alternative things rises (Pinkse, Bohnsack& Kolk, 2014). Hence, it will be tough for AMA Group Limited to get proper market hold from the beginning when it has no knowledge of the current market.

  3.3.5 Threat of New Arrivals

  Malaysia is a place for business and that is why the threat for arrival of new companies exists. If the provided offers are luring for the customers, then it will be difficult for AMA Group Limited to retain a good market hold for a long time.