Assignment First

  本篇論文代寫價格-邁克爾老闆的行爲讲了邁克爾老闆的行爲是不道德的,也是不合法的。公司維護機密信息是爲了保護他們的競爭優勢。這些信息也將被視爲公司的財產。在這一點上,邁克爾老闆的行爲相當於偷竊。爲了使公司利益最大化,他偷了別人應得的東西。本篇論文代寫價格文章由加拿大第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  The actions of Michael’s Boss

  The actions of Michael’s boss are not ethical and are not legal, too. Confidential information is maintained by companies in order to protect their competitive advantages. These are information that is also to be considered as the property of the company. Michael’s boss’s actions are equivalent to stealing at this point. He has stolen what is rightfully another person’s in order to maximize benefits for his company.

  It is important to consider the actions of the boss of Michael under the theory of deontology. Under deontology, it states that people should adhere to the obligations and duties at all times. They do not have to maximize benefits or do not have to think about doing harm or good, their actions have to be guided by their duties and obligations at all times. When engaged in decision making, they have to consider what is ethically and legally correct at all time, and should always follow the law and such duties. Now under deontology, it could be said the boss of Michael has broken both law and duty. He has a duty to self and to his company, and it is not to indulge in ways that could damage the reputation of the company. This is in fact his primary duty. However, the person has acted in such a way that he has broken his duty to his company. Furthermore, he has the ethical and moral duty to abide by the law. Nevertheless, he has acted in a totally illegal way that has breached this duty, so it could be said that in doing so, he has behaved unethically.

  Should Michael blow the whistle, whistle blowing, motivation justification

  Blowing the Whistle

  In current times, the concept of whistle blowing has come much into use (NSPCC, 2017). In the past two decades for example, whistle blowing has indeed become a common phenomenon in the United States.

  “Like blowing a whistle to call attention to a thief, whistle blowing is an attempt by a member or former member of an organization to bring illegal or socially harmful activities of the organization to the attention of the public. This will be done openly or anonymously and will involve any kind of organization, although business corporations and government agencies are most frequently involved. It may also require the whistleblower to violate laws or rules, such as national security regulations, that prohibit the release of certain information” (James, 1983, p. 287).

  Michael should blow the whistle. Whistle blowing in the case of Michael would mean informing the rightful legal authorities about how he has a concern that information was obtained in an underhand way. Furthermore, this is information that they should not be possessing anyways, so this has to be informed by Michael as well. He could first try convincing his employer that it would be wrong to use such information. If his voice is not met righteously, then he could blow the whistle. Most whistleblowers are justified in their act because they do so understanding the breach of ethics that has happened and how they could handle the breach of ethics (ASIC, 2015).

  Michael blows the whistle because he suspects there is something wrong and also believes that it could happen again. He believes that his whistle blowing act will indeed curb it from happening again. Hence, he believes that he is justified in blowing the whistle.