Assignment First

  本篇论文代写价格-如何做一个好老师讲了从个人的角度来看,一个好老师是在建立一个有用和有益的社区中扮演重要角色的人。一个好老师可以是任何有效传授知识的人。教师在我们的社会中扮演着非常重要的角色。要想取得成效,教师必须具备广泛的课程和学科专业知识。人们发现,当教师掌握知识并制定有用的教案时,他们就能开展高质量的教学。从学生、家长和同事的反馈中,教师可以纠正任何漏洞或问题,制定出强有力的教学计划。本篇论文代写价格文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Reflections and Retrospections

  From a personal standpoint, a good teacher is someone who plays an important role in building community that is functional and beneficial. A good teacher can be anyone who imparts knowledge effectively. Teachers play a very important role in our society. To be effective, teachers are to have required having broad professional knowledge of curriculum and the subject. It has been found that when a teacher grasps the knowledge and makes a useful lesson plan, then they can develop a high quality teaching. From the feedbacks given by students, parents and colleagues, teacher can correct any vulnerability or issues and develop a strong teaching plan.

  It is felt that to become an effective teacher who adheres to the national professional standard, there should be improvement in all the three facets on a continual basis. For an amateur teacher like myself, there is still a long way to go to become an effective teacher who meets the national professional standards. The knowledge that has been acquired needs to be honed and my communication needs to be developed. For this, there should be critical personal analysis.

  My major is graphic design and multimedia in the last few years; I am also proficient in music and arts. However, my mathematics and science skills are vulnerable. Hence, more focus is needed towards developing mathematics and science skills. Apart from this, there should be more knowledge about the Australian history. I plan to combine my art knowledge and creativity into developing an effective teaching plan. For example, I can paint and draw objects to develop tools for the students to remember structured subjects like mathematics. There can be songs developed to remember the formulas in science and mathematics. This would be a part of the class activity and would create effective learners in the classroom.