Assignment First

  本篇论文代写价格-设计景观的批判性分析讲了科克市是爱尔兰最南部的城市之一,与港口活动和李河的广阔地区有着悠久的联系。景观包括一个天然的港湾在港湾的港湾,以及它接近大西洋城的海岸。随着时间的推移,建筑和自然元素经历了进化,形成了独特的景观组合(Musacchio 2009, 1001)。城市北侧独特的地形和山脊线是由北部的纳格尔山脉和西北部的博格拉山脉组成的。本篇论文代写价格文章由澳洲第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The Landscape of Cork City

  Cork City is among the most southern city of Ireland, having a long association with activities of port and with the vast area of the River Lee. The landscape consists of a natural harbour within the estuary of shelter along with its proximity towards the seaboard of Atlantic City. There has been a formation of the landscape by a unique combination of built and natural elements that have experienced evolution with the passage of time (Musacchio 2009, 1001). The distinctive topography and ridgelines to the northern side of the city have been established out of Nagle Mountains covering the northern region and low range of Boggeragh Mountains covering the North- Western region.

  The south ridges are covered by the Shehy Mountains with the eastern Cork County covering its peaks. There is a merged area of rivers Sulhane and Lee across Macroom to the western part of the county. The rivers have been flowing in the east direction side by side by the post- glacial valley through cork city into the Lee proper (Dunnett and Clayden 2007, 17). These move within south, with Cork Harbour and Lough Mahon moving within the Atlantic Ocean.

  The Landscape of Western Isles

  The Western Isles are located approximately 40 miles away from the Western coast of Scotland, while extending to south from north at 130 miles. The islands have been covering a region of 716,000 acres and consisting of a population of approximately 29,600 people. Elemental beauty is known to be pervading a set of 200 island making up the entire landscape, inhabited by handful number of people (Farina 2008, 71). Lewis is the Interior Island in the northern most region, mostly consisting of a marshy tract, a barren and peat moor providing abrupt ways to the bare peaks of Northern Harris. There is South Harris throughout the narrow isthmus that is known to present the finest scenic beauty across Scotland with broad beaches trimming the Atlantic coast under the complete view of a rough interior strewn by the boulder. In directly contrasting the beautiful landscape, villages across the area can be hardly considered as extremely picturesque (Lidwell et al. 2010). Majority of the nature watchers, walkers, and visitors can be seen forsaking the settlements, while retreating the secluded accommodations and cottages.