Assignment First

  本篇论文代写价格-同性恋学生讲了同性恋学校学生的一个主要特征是他们通常被排斥在正常社会之外。据观察,这些学生在不同的活动中参与最少,因为他们害怕被依恋。为了完成研究,重要的是要了解谁都参与了对学生的性暴力行为,以及不同的学生是如何被攻击的。本篇论文代写价格文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。


  The participants would be selected from two different broad groups. They should be the students who are studying in school. This will include both the homosexual and straight students. Another set includes the teachers who teach the students in school and have some homosexual students as well. The total number of participants was 40. These participants had been interviewed. The research has already been done on the qualitative analysis on the homosexuality on the basis of the past studies. However, it is also important to do the overall quantities analysis in order to understand that how lack of knowledge and misunderstanding is leading to the increase in the value of the sexual violence in Schools.


  One of the key features of the homosexual school students is that they are generally kept out of the normal society. It has been observed that these students participate least in the different events because they have the fear of being attached. In order to complete the research, it is important to understand that who all are involved in the sexual violence acts on the students and how the different students are being attacked.

  In order to recruit the people for the purpose of research, three different kinds of sampling method would be used. These include the convenience sampling method, quota sampling method and purposive sampling. The use of the convenience sampling is that there is a least possibility to obtain the complete list of the people who are homosexual from the random sampling of the people. In case of Quota sampling, there are equal numbers of male and female participants. In this interview, 20 men and 20 females will be considered. Therefore, when the count of the 25 males and 25 females would be attained the interview process will end. Another sampling is the purposive sampling. This kind of sampling method is used in those cases when it is not actually possible to get the list of each and every members of the population and they are selected on the random manner.Thus, the sampling will include among gays, lesbians and straight students (Ferfolja 2013, p. 159). In addition to this, the teachers will also be there for the interview. In order to get the data, I have been planning to target the list of incidents where the sexual exploitation has been done on the homosexual students. At present, it is earlier to locate the homosexuals from the online groups in comparison to the real world networks. Therefore, internet may act as an important thing for getting the links of the homosexuals who are in school. The questions for the purpose of interview would be provided in the written format. These questions would be multiple choice questions and would include the questions to understand the view points of the students.