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由于Uber提供了独特的体验,它一直在推动国际化扩张和快速增长,并将其集中在三个关键点上:智能手机的便捷应用;提供舒适、豪华及具成本效益的游乐设施;并强烈致力于随需应变服务(Sun and Edara 2015)。Uber被认为是租车行业的颠覆性企业,在国际市场上面临着激烈的本土竞争,来自本土市场平台的新竞争者和传统出租车司机。有时,这种激烈的竞争会转变为暴力和仇恨。2014年,在巴黎出租车司机的抗议活动中,愤怒的司机最终袭击了优步的一辆汽车,当时有两名乘客乘坐优步从戴高乐机场(Charles de- Gaulle)起飞,导致巴黎240公里的交通堵塞。在中国和印度等其他市场平台,优步被迫与腾讯控股有限公司(Tencent Holdings Ltd.)和阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.)主导的汽车共享应用程序展开竞争。这些公司在当地消费者中拥有额外的信任优势,这实际上威胁到了优步的增长。

论文代写价格 :Uber风险的增长前景分析

The landscape of growth for Uber can be related with the emerging shared economy. The growth of Uber since the last five years is a success example for major shared economy. Largely being a movement enabled by technology, the general model of business enables the company for helping the consumers to look for ways in renting, instead of having an ownership of expensive asset. As per the approach of shared economy, the venture prefers experience instead of ownership. As an online company of service, it utilizes algorithms driven by big data allowing the individuals for sharing expensive assets like cars.
The technology based company has been successful in formalizing the practice of making it a profitable and scalable model of business. While some car models such as limousines required advanced pre- booking, Uber is operating at a landscape of rapid growth in terms of popularity and utilization as its application of smartphone has been allowing the users for accessibility of stylish and clean vehicles at any location and time. Unlike the industrial sector of taxi, Uber does not consider employing or licensing the driver, but instead considers them as individual contractors. The drivers of Uber are not known to be having traditional insurance of liability like drivers of taxi. There is no involvement of any specific regulations specifying that drivers of Uber will not show discrimination against the users.
As it has been providing a unique experience, Uber has been enabling international expansion and rapid growth centralized with three key focus points that are: easily accessible application of smartphone; efficiently supplying comfortable, luxurious and cost effective rides; and strongly committed on- demand service (Sun and Edara 2015). Considered as a disruptive business in the industry of car hiring, Uber faces intense local competition in the international market from both, new similar competitors and conventional taxi drivers of the local market platform. At times, such intense competition transforms as violence and hatred. In the year 2014, during a protest of taxi drivers in Paris, angry drivers end up attacking a car of Uber where there was transportation of two passengers from the Airport of Charles de- Gaulle that caused traffic jam of 240 kilometres in Paris. In other market platforms like China and India, Uber had been forced for competing with apps of car- sharing that are dominated by Tencent Holdings Ltd. and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. These are companies with an additional benefit of trust among local consumers that effectively threaten the growth of Uber.