Assignment First

本篇主要講的是自拍和自畫像,雖然簡單來說,自拍可以被稱為21世紀的自畫像。簡而言之,發佈在網上的自拍可以定義為用智能手機拍攝的自拍。根據《衛報》上發表的與蓋蒂圖片展有關的文章,人們可以在網上看到自拍照,但一般都是自畫像。儘管它們都是不同的實體,但它們有時是重疊的。自拍和自畫像是不同的,但它們是重疊的。同時,人們也在努力建立和美化自己。本篇論文代寫價格由加拿大第一論文Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。
Though in simple words, selfie can be termed as the self-portraits which are used in the 21st century. In short, a selfie which is posted online can be defined as the self-portrait which has been taken from the smart phone. As per the articles which has been published in ‘The Guardian’ which gave information related to the Getty Exhibition it had been stated that one does see selfies online but they are self-portraits in general. Though, both of them are different entities, they are overlapping one another at times. Both selfie and self-portraits are different but they are overlapping one another. Also, efforts are being made for the purpose of establishment and embellishment of one’s own self.
There may be a number of things such as specificity of the mediums, deep rooted histories and different traditions which may be helpful in establishment of differentiation of the two. One major difference between the online portrait and the selfie is that the selfie published online is disposed soon because of it quality. Also there may be a chance that if a picture has been posted online and it is not popular or disliked by few, it will be removed instantly, forgotten in a while and is replaced by a new picture (Sorokowski et al, 2015).
Self-portrait on the other hand, consists of higher levels of accuracy and is taken after making a lot of decisions. Thus, it can’t be easily erased from the memories nor it can be replaced. But, this does not exactly mean that the selfie can’t be self-portrait. Though an artist can choose to represent him or herself with the help of selfie, self-portrait does not exactly signify the selfie. Though, self-portrait doesn’t signify selfie to be its complete replication, it is more or less equal to the selfie. Another perspective which may differentiate selfie from the self-portrait is by the manner they are obtained. Selfie which is published online is generally obtained through the smart phones and cameras. Mirrors and paintings on the other hand are used for creation of self-portriat (Hall, 2013). Though there isn’t a key different between the two but there is again a different on the basis of context and its interpretation.