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  本篇论文代写-酒店员工流动问题讲了关于员工是任何商业组织的骨干,不论其性质如何。酒店属于服务业,也是旅游业的重要组成部分。人们注意到,在过去的几年里,世界各地的大型连锁酒店在营销的其他方面投入很少,这间接影响了酒店员工的保留期。以前的酒店员工习惯了传统的工作方法。客人性质的变化和他们的偏好,以及将技术融入到运营中,使得员工缺乏安全感(AlBattat et al., 2013)。本篇论文代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Hospitality and hotel industry has been booming since quite a few decades and this sector has so far significantly contributed to the global economy as well. In last few decades, the desire of becoming wanderlust among people all over the world has elevated the tourism industry immensely. As part of this advent, the hotels, especially the luxurious ones, have got new mileage to the business. Now, guests arrive throughout the year. It indicates a continuous rush in those hotels. As a result, staffs have to carry out multiple responsibilities related to guest service. However, the rate of employee turnover in this industry is noticed to be very high. The employees keep looking for a better opportunity or find difficult to cope up with the environment or work pressure (Hausknecht et al., 2013). The hotels in defence of this crisis have become inclined to hiring interns. On the other hand, fresh graduates, seeking for professional exposure, consider internship at such hotels prospective. This also costs less to the hotel authorities as well. The validity and capability of the interns are really questionable as the internal service management and guest management are very important part of the entire hotel industry. Therefore, in the following section the issue of employee turnover and the solution of hiring interns will be elucidated. On its basis, research question will be formed. Finally, the paper will try to prove that internship cannot be the permanent solution to employee turnover in the hotel industry and also propose some options of potential ways of reducing the issue.

  Issue of Employee Turnover in the Luxury Hotels

  Employees are the backbone of any business organization irrespective of its nature. Hotels belong to the service sector and are an integral part of the tourism industry as well. It has been noticed that in last few years the significant hotel chains all over the world have spent very little compared to other aspects of marketing, which has indirectly influenced the period of retention of staffs in the hotels. The previous hotel employees were accustomed to the conventional method of working. The changing nature of guests and their preferences and the inclusion of technology into operations have made the staffs insecure (AlBattat et al., 2013). Moreover, an insufficient number of employees often fail to manage guest rush. Dissatisfied guests cause substantial damage to the business of a hotel. At the same time, the hotels are unable to retain the employees, which led the hospitality industry to find temporary solutions like organizing various internship programs for allowing interns to work at the hotels. In this section, this paper will try to identify the main causes of such high rate of employee turnover in the hospitality industry.