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  本篇论文代写-可再生能源讲了为了应对社会中不断上涨的能源成本,人们开始考虑其他形式的能源。基于这个原因,人们正在考虑使用可再生能源。可以理解,有许多形式的能源技术,但人们希望利用低成本的能源,不会对系统造成破坏。它还认为,能源的定价对经济是重要的,并表明了一些其他因素对社会的影响。因此,负担能力成了一个大问题。随之而来的是对能源成本上升的担忧。由于可再生能源的来源和此类技术的成本在比较意义上也更高,因此,企业需要以更全面的方式关注成本。本篇论文代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Energy consumption, the rising consumption charges, and the actions taken by their energy suppliers in order to deal with the rising energy charges are a growing concern for people. As researchers Dietz (2015) argues in the article ‘Environmental value. Handbook of Value: Perspectives from Economics, Neuroscience, Philosophy’, there has been increase in population and consequentially there has also been an increase in the technology that is required to cater to the population. People want energy for their basic sustenance. Based on the theory of supply and demand, the existing technology based on the fossil fuels is simply not enough for the people. It is expected that the current levels of consumption will increase in the future with more people having a better purchasing power than they do currently. In this scenario, the companies need to ensure that they utilize and develop robust practices to maintain their energy consumption practices. The current reserves are not able to meet the demands of the current requirements. Hence, the rise in energy consumption should be a cause of concern to the people and the organizations. It is only from this concern that there will be development of other practices and development of better resources to tackle this issue of rising energy consumption use (Dietz 2015). Given this concern as presented in research, media reports on energy sourcing in Australia seems to support the same. In specific, it has been noticed that people in different countries look forward to their local energy supply and distributors to work with better accessibility. Demand concerns are expected to be resolved immediately and also customer segments that are fast growing are expecting the companies to keep up with their varied needs. Even companies that have been in the business for 10 and more years are seen to have concerns now as competitive companies have risen. The competition necessitates that businesses have to become more sustainable in their practices. Smith (2013) in the book ‘Scarcity and growth reconsidered’ argues that in the current times there has been an increase in energy usage. This has caused a rise in the energy costs. The reasons for rise in the energy costs are because of the supply and the demand principles that have been embedded in this design. Energy is required for the sustenance of the people. This has caused the energy prices to rise high. In this situation, to combat this rising energy costs in the society, people are found to consider other forms of energy resources. People are considering using the renewable energy sources for this reason. It can be understood that there are many forms of energy technologies but people want to utilize the low cost energy sources that do not wreak havoc on the systems. It is also considered that the pricing of the energy is significant to the economies and indicates a number of other factors influencing the societies. Affordability causes a big issue due to this. There has been a subsequent concern for the rise in energy costs. Since the renewable energy sourcing and the costs of such technologies are also higher in a comparative sense, it thus follows that businesses need to focus on costs in a more holistic way.