Assignment First

 本篇論文代寫-伍爾沃斯公司的員工問題講了伍爾沃斯公司的員工在Indeed網站上發表了他們的觀點和想法,聲稱公司的工作時間不公平,升職的機會非常少。昆士蘭州伍爾沃斯一家商店的團隊稱,工作場所存在欺凌行爲。一名員工聲稱他們在商店裏沒有受到公平對待。新南威爾士州一家伍爾沃斯商店的值班經理說,加班工資很少。伍爾沃斯商店發現的主要問題是工作時間不公平,工作場所存在欺凌行爲。僱員沒有得到很好的待遇,他們不知道這些權利和有關文書。應該有公平的工作條件,這影響了員工的精神狀況。本篇論文代寫文章由加拿大第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  Views of the three employees

  The employees of Woolworth have posted their views and thinking on the Indeed website and claimed that company has unfair Woking hours and offers very minimum chance for promotion. The team of a store in Queensland of Woolworths stated that there was bullying at the workplace. One employee claimed that they are not treated fairly at the stores. A duty management of a store of Woolworths in NSW stated that are paid very little for overtime works. The main issue that has been identified at the stores of Woolworth is that they are unfair Woking hour and bullying is involved at the workplace. The employees are not treated well, and they do not know about these entitlements and relevant instruments. There should be fair working terms and conditions, and it has affected the mental condition of the employees.

  Media report of recent dispute concerning your entitlement

  The Woolworths is facing the huge problem as the employees are claiming that they are treated unfairly. The employees have stated that there is an unfair working hour and bullied at the workplace. Some workers were paid very low, and it shows that the company is not following the rules and standards of the National Employment Standard. The fair work act was not applied, and there were unfair terms and conditions for the employees (Toscano, 2016). The case study shows that the employees are facing huge issues in the workplace in the company. The acts show unfair activities carried out by the management of the company.


  The employees of Woolworths are facing problems at their workplace. The employees claimed that there are unfair working hours, fewer chances to get promotion and bullied at the workplace. The managers of the company should take adequate steps to provide equal rights to the employees. The act is not ethical, and it is of major concern. The National Employment Standards are ten minimum employment entitlements that are provided to the employees. The entitlements include maximum weekly hours, flexible working arrangements, annual leave, parental leave, compassionate leave and personal carers leave, community service leave, long service leave, public holidays, redundancy pay and notice of termination and fair work information statement. It is very much important for the companies to follow the standards. The employees should be treated equally and should be provided with their rights as per the standard.