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  本篇論文 代寫-政府間組織讨论了各國可以建設政府間組織,促進合作。政府間組織的主要作用是爲各國提供一個可用於衝突談判的論壇。政府間組織也可以被認爲以各種不同的方式對國家有用。本篇論文 代寫文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  There can be construction of IGOs by states for the facilitation of cooperation. The key utility of IGOs is to provide a forum to the states which can be used for the negotiation of conflicts. IGOs can also be considered as useful to the states in various different ways (Hajnal, 2007, 11).

  First, by the provision of forum for conducting discussion identified in the research by Gradziuk (2009), it can be seen as less costly for states in the discussion of issues with each other. Second, IGOs have been playing the crucial role to provide information. Third, IGOs are helpful in the facilitation of linkages in issue, further resulting in the facilitation of cooperation (Gradziuk, 2009, 55). Fourth, IGOs are useful in allowing the states for taking up perspective in the longer run, creating less concern with respect to immediate payoffs. Fifth, the multilateral attribute of IGOs tends to be lending some scope of impartiality resulting in the enhancement of effectiveness (Bailin, 2005).

  The decisive and concerted actions under the G20 assisted the world for dealing with the economic and financial crisis of the year 2008. Irrespective of the difficult problems, the G20 was successful in making steady and real progress to address challenges of the global economy (Baker, 2009). The G20 made an agreement for broadening the scope underlying financial regulation and for strengthening the prudential supervision and regulation. On the contrary, Beeson and Richard (2005) argued that there has been an improvement in governance across the global, while the needs and roles of developing countries and emerging markets are of huge consideration (Beeson and Richard, 2005). This is specifically in context with the ambitious reforms related to governance in the World Bank, the IMF and the international monetary system.