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  本篇论文代写-众筹在香港的可行性研究讲了为了平衡对投资者的保护与众筹的发展,美国和英国分别于2014年3月和2015年11月出台了众筹的具体立法。在类似的意义上,澳大利亚财政部和新加坡金融管理局(Monetary Authority of Singapore)也在前一年公布了咨询文件。与此形成鲜明对比的是,在此之前,香港似乎还没有任何类似的立法议程。监管的唯一回应是证监会在2014年发布的《警告通知》,试图澄清目前金融监管对众筹活动的具体类别以及对剩余投资者的风险参与。本篇论文代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Although there is not a single legislation of overarching to conduct crowd funding in Hong Kong, many past laws are applicable to contributors, fundraisers and platforms accordingly. Raiser of fund might be civilly or criminally liable if the activity of crowd funding commits illegality, for instances, when the purpose of financing is against the society; the campaign of funding itself is against the law; or the valuable pre-purchased is banned. In these types of situations, whether attract liability of platforms and contributors rely on the percentage of their involvement. After all, the players having three types are commonly free from every obligations of compliance because funding of crowd without any financial return results to a different commercial or social activity in other place the law commonly would not intrude with the party’s autonomy. The act of contributors same as investors in inquiry of return of finance from their expenditure in an object of finance placed by the raisers of fund by way of platforms. This type of characteristic might dependent the parties that are three to regulation of finance on the grounds of securities, banking and lending laws in Hong Kong, relying on the limited way funding of crowd conducts in practice. As per the borrowers type, the more partition of the model could be model of Peer to Business (‘P2B’) and Peer to Peer (‘P2P’) model. In an alteration of normal model, the persons who contribute are not the straight creditors but the assignees or final receiver of the interest below the agreement of original loan between platforms and fundraisers, or between outsiders and fundraisers who coordinate with platforms to distribute loan in the beginning and appoint the take in action for the platforms.

  For striking a balance between protection of investor and development of crowdfunding, USA and UK were found introducing specific legislation of crowdfunding in the year 2014 for March and in the year 2015 for November. In the similar sense, the Treasury Department of Australia and the Monetary Authority of Singapore made announcement of consultation papers in the previous year. As a contrasting view, there does not seem to be any equivalent agenda of legislation in Hong Kong until yet. The only response of regulation is the issue of warning notice by the Commission of Securities and Futures (SFC) in the year 2014, trying to clarify the currently applied regulations of finance towards specific categories of activities of crowdfunding and the involvement of risks for remaining investors.