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反思性聆听是一种沟通策略,包括理解说话者所说的内容并提供解决方案。接收信息的人试图重建从说话者那里接收到的信息。在这种倾听模式中应该有一种形式的同理心。然而,研究表明,反思倾听带来的问题比解决方案更多(Smither, Houston and McIntire, 2016)。似乎信息的接收者正试图寻找反驳的方法。说话者假定另一个人在听,是为了找出说话者所陈述的意见的缺点。对于这些问题,人类学家认为积极倾听对人们是有效的。

论文修改 :反思倾听和积极倾听

积极倾听的核心原则是倾听说话者在对话中的陈述。实际倾听的概念反映了对说话者所陈述内容的理解和对信息的保留(Dozier, Grunig and Grunig, 2013)。与反思式倾听不同,反思式倾听更多的是与公司里的人如何寻找与他人建立沟通和融洽关系的方法有关。对这一观点的反应应该与同理心相结合,反应应该是一个中性的途径。可以理解的是,在对话中的人不能真正同意说话者的观点,但他们可以行使同理心,理解说话者的观点。应该有策略来说服演讲者,让他相信公司会做出切实的努力来解决他们的问题。


论文修改 :反思倾听和积极倾听

Reflective listening is a form of communication strategy that involves understanding of what the speaker speaks and offering solutions. The person on the receiving end of the information tries to reconstruct the information that has been received from the speaker. There should be a form of empathy in this listening model. However, research indicates that reflective listening leads to more issues than solutions (Smither, Houston and McIntire, 2016). It seems as though the receiver of the information is trying to look for ways to rebuttal. The speaker assumes that the other person is listening to find fault of the voices of opinion which the speaker states. For these issues anthropologists suggest that active listening can be effective for the people.

论文修改 :反思倾听和积极倾听

The central tenets of active listening are to listen to what the speaker states in the conversation. The notion of actually listening reflects on the comprehension of what the speaker states and retaining the information (Dozier, Grunig and Grunig, 2013). Unlike reflective listening it is more to do with how the people in the company look for ways to build communication and rapport with the people. The response to that view should be mixed with empathy and the response should be a neutral pathway. It is understood that the people in the conversation cannot really agree with the speaker nevertheless they can exercise empathy and understand the perspective of the speaker. There should be tactic involved to convince the speaker that there would be real efforts done to address their issues in the company.
The issue with the active listening model is that it assumes that the other person agrees to what the speaker is stating. This is a popular misconception. The process is employed to understand the nuances of the situation and finding solutions for the same.