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论文修改 :乳腺癌转移的特点

Breast cancer metastasis is that breast cancer cells spread to other parts of body from its primary site though bloodstream or lymph vessels. The majority of deaths due to breast cancer are not because of the primary tumor, but because of metastasis of breast cancer cells. Breast cancer metastasis is a multi-step cascade system that begins when cancer cells separate from the primary mass, intravasate through blood vessel walls, spread through the bloodstream, and finally seed new colonies in distant organs. Any failure in any of these steps will lead to suspension of metastasis[4]. Simultaneously cancer cells need to escape the host’s immune response for the purpose of survival. Detection of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) is a rising way to predict breast cancer metastasis. Circulating tumor cells are tumor cells that circulate in bloodstream originating from primary site. CSTs are important for cancer metastasis research. With increased understanding of breast cancer metastatic cascade, cell-surface receptors expressed on cancer cell and their cognate ligandsinvolved in metastasiswill lead to critical improvements in the diagnosis and prognosis of breast cancer.