MBA论文代写 customer service


Solution to Question 1

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel case study reveals three critical moments. These three moments contributed to the dissatisfaction of the two guests in the case study. These three critical moments reflect managerial practises of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Needless to say that these three incidents are mistakes. Mistakes are by their very definition; unintentional. There is no motivation to err. Errors sometimes happen unintentionally. That is understandable. However, in an industry such as the hospitality industry mistakes are lethal. Especially mistakes of the nature and magnitude presented in the case study. This is even more disturbing seeing as this is a hotel which prides itself on unparalleled customer service. Mistakes like these bring in to question the very integrity of the business practise of the hotel. They throw in to doubt the commitment the hotel says its shows towards ensuring that ultimate experiences for its guests. Furthermore mistakes are tolerable to a limited extent provided they are not repeated. However a mistake ceases to be a mistake when there is intent to mislead or misguide or to be untruthful. Then the mistake becomes deceit. It takes on the form of a lie. Lies are cloaked in untruths and half truths. They are the fall back of those who put up a front, a sham. One does not lie unless one is lacking. Not as good as one says one is. In two of the three incidents the two guests were directly and unequivocally mislead. They were furnished with half truths and incomplete information. In the second of the two incidents they were straight out lied to. They were given false information. Not only were they given false information, they were lead to modify their actions on the basis of that information. After all this had happened and the problem of the two guests had not been addressed they were advised to solve their problem by spending yet more money. Not only had the hotel failed to address the concerns of the two guests, failed to provide customer satisfaction as it says it does but it had also lied to the two customers. After all this had happened the management admitted to the two guests that it had misled them. And then instead of somehow compensating or apologising it advised the two of them that they should go and buy the umbrella themselves. Truly, the hotel provides superior customer service!