The internal environment of Ottawa valley food Products consists of variables (S & W) that are within the organization itself. These variables form the context in which work is done. They include the organization’s structure, culture and resources. Key strengths form a set of core competencies that the organization can use to gain competitive advantage. Various internal factors for the Ottawa valley food Products Company are as follows:

 Organizational Structure:Ottawa valley food Products Company is a very good established organization in that small town. It has enough infrastructure to cope up with the all the requirement of the employees as well as the consumers. The decision making for the company is in the hand of R.J. Jennings who is a senior manager of the company. All business units are empowered with the all the functionalities. Each person of the organization is engaged with his/her own work. All the employees of the organization know how the company do the working. The current mission of the company is to have reached of the products and services of the company as well as of the distributers in the locality.


内部环境的渥太华谷食品包括变量(S & W)内组织本身。这些因素形成的环境工作完成。它们包括组织的结构、文化和资源。关键优势形成一组核心竞争力,组织可以使用来获得竞争优势。各种内部因素为渥太华谷食品公司如下: