Assignment First



研究证据(参见附录1)表明,物理治​​疗干预被认为是有效的1)减少手术后并发症,2)减少未来手术,3)改善老年痴呆症患者的认知和状态,4)减少改善时间病人的流动性和自主性; 5)减少病人在医院里花费的时间; 6)提高病人对流动性锻炼的依从性。
物理治疗中的移动资源(Analf et al,2007)和初级保健,以便为老年人口创建一个综合的保健服务系统
物理治疗师的作用对于建立老年人预防保健基础设施以及确保他们能够拥有更健康的未来具有重要意义(Hay等,2006)。物理治疗干预可以与初级保健中的医疗干预相结合(Green et al,2013)。在这种情况下,物理治疗师的学生必须接受培训(法国和Sim 2004; Holdsworth等,2007)。


Data Extraction
Data extraction form following the below format was used. A collocation of data extracted individually is presented here.
Study Population: Aged clients of 45+ years who have orthopaedic surgery or have osteoarthritis of the knee, hip joints and more and have restricted mobility because of surgery
Intervention Proposed: Individualized physiotherapy regime mixed with primary care medical intervention
Comparison Group: The comparison group provided only primary care medical intervention and the non-individualized physiotherapy or non-physiotherapy based on primary care recommendations
Outcomes: Improved mobility, improved adherence towards continuing exercises, reduction in hospitalization and reduction.
Quality Appraisal
Data collected will be assessed to ensure strict compliance to inclusion/ exclusion criteria. The studies will also be checked for any form of bias which might reduce objectivity of research. The generalization of application is ensured. Only researches that follow a scientific methodology of inquiry are used.

Data Analysis and Results Interpretation
The research evidence collated (Refer Appendix 1) shows that physiotherapeutic interventions are seen to be effective in 1) reducing post surgery complications, 2) reducing future surgeries, 3) improving cognizance and condition of dementia in Alzheimer patients, 4) reducing time for improving patient mobility and autonomy, 5) reducing the length of time patients have to spend in the hospital and 6) improving patient adherence to mobility related exercises.
Study Objectives
In this context the study objectives that are framed are:
To educate physiotherapy students about the relevancy and significance of their discipline
To synthesize evidence from exiting research to discuss the tangible role of physiotherapy in caring for the aged.
To mobile resources in physiotherapy (Analf et al, 2007) and primary care so as to create an integrated health care delivery system for aged population
Conclusion and Recommendations
The role of the physiotherapists is significant in establishing an infrastructure of preventive care for the elderly and also for ensuring that they can have a healthier future (Hay et al, 2006). There are benefits in physiotherapeutic intervention which can be combined with medical intervention in primary care (Green et al, 2013). In this context physiotherapist students have to be trained (French and Sim 2004; Holdsworth et al, 2007).