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  本篇蒙特利尔论文代写-澳大利亚税收系统讲了澳大利亚税务局(Australian Taxation Office)是澳大利亚的政府机构,是澳大利亚税收系统的主要管理机构,主要负责国家的税收征管工作。ATO除了管理税收制度外,还处理与税收有关的事务,并在解释税收规则和在国内合法遵守税收规则的每个人的责任方面设立了标杆。本篇蒙特利尔论文代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The Australian Taxation Office is the Australian Government Agency that is focused on working as the revenue collection body for the country and is the primary administrator of the taxation system of Australia. ATO, in addition to administering the taxation system, also handles associated matters on taxation and sets the bar when it comes to interpreting taxation rules and responsibilities of everybody who legally will come under taxation rules within the country. ATO responsibilities and scope are defined within the Federal Treasury. ATO collects federal taxes under the taxation system, income taxes and GST. Income tax in Australia forms a significant part of the Australian taxation system and is seen to be drawn from the three sources of personal earnings of an individual or business and associated gain. Personal income is further classified and understood as salary, wages such as through invoices, capital gains and others. Progressive taxation rates are applied and these could be variable based on the individual income made. In addition, there are flat rate taxes for businesses, gains made within the fiscal year and Medicare taxes. The fiscal year runs from July the first in a current year to thirtieth of June in the following year. Given this general context of the Australian taxation system, this work discusses two case scenarios in the Australian income tax levy.

  Issue: Part A

  The issue background is that Robyn Rainer is a lecturer with Victoria University in Australia. The University runs college courses internationally and one such course was with the Calcutta University situation in India. Robyn Rainer took up position of coordinator for the courses being run in Calcutta and she preferred working as a coordinator for a number of years as advancement of her career. The business case study therefore discusses relocation for a long time, but does not record the intention of Robyn Rainer to set up her permanent home in India. The position she undertook was with Victoria University, only even though the work was done in a foreign location. The position was begun in 14 January of an ongoing financial year. Her salary is paid partly into her Indian bank account for her living expenses and partly into her Australian bank account, so that she could continue to pay mortgage for her flat who was rented for 12 months. Now given this background, the issue can be defined in three-fold ways.

  Given the above context, can Robyn Rainer be taxed under Australian Taxation System for the year 2016-2017 when she worked partly in Australia and partly in the foreign location of India

  What part of the salary meted out to Robyn can be taxed? The case scenario notes that the salary of Robyn is partially sent to her Indian account and to her Australian account, so will this have an effect on what can be taxed, is another question to ponder

  The final issue is whether Robyn Rainer can be taxed for any other subsequent year, given that she is not physically present in Australia for a whole year, and might neither continue to pay mortgages on her flat.