Assignment First

本篇文章主要讲的是如何提高学生的学习水平,重点为学生提供阅读、听力、写作和口语活动。活动的选择是这样的,它结合了所有形式的使用语言,如积极的阅读,听,写和说。这种全面的学习方法将使学生获得综合技能。活动顺序是这样的,它开始于更基本的任务,如识别结构,学习关键字等,然后转向更复杂的任务,学生将不得不在一个集成的环境中展示他们的工作或谈话,涉及许多其他的。这种形式的活动排序将为学生做好准备,因为学生将有机会在个人水平上学习课程材料,并将慢慢积累,以满足团队的熟练程度。本篇蒙特利尔论文代写由加拿大第一论文Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Focused reading, listening, writing and speaking activities are presented for the student. The selection of activities is such that it combines all forms of using the language such as active reading, listening, writing and speaking. This holistic way of learning will enable the student to gain comprehensive skills. The activity sequencing is such that it starts with more basic level tasks such as identifying structure, learning key words etc and then moves on to more complex tasks where the student would have to present their work or talk in an integrated setting involving many others. This form of activity sequencing will prepare for the student, as student will get the chance to work on the course material in an individual level and will slowly build on to meet group proficiency.
A specific learner group is not identified here. However, the form of skills presented in the beginning of the unit identifies a learner group here. Usually at third to fourth grade the student learning English language will start to differentiate between works of writing such as fiction and nonfiction etc. Critical analysis of text will start around fifth and higher grades. In the context of applying this for an English language learner, based on different TESOL proficiency levels, the course would be applicable to student. In five levels of ESL ranging from beginning, high beginning, intermediate, high intermediate and advanced, the student in context could be intermediate to higher intermediate level. However, this learner group as stated earlier is not explicitly identifies, nor the language level needs of such a group identified clearly here. The course hence is left to the discretion of the teacher handling the class who would be able to apply course activities according to their understanding of the student. Although TESOL teachers are well trained in helping and assessing students with English language needs, a proper mention of skills and learner needs for the course could have served as an efficient guideline.

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