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  本篇paper代写-弗洛伊德的理论讲了水晶鞋真的是一个有仙女的童话。然而,印度的Cindrella与弗洛伊德的理论有很强的联系。它详细描述了印度有多少其他的辛德瑞拉人,他们有抱负,希望改变他们的生活。小金星是一个不同的版本,辛德瑞拉是一个西班牙裔美国人。所有这些版本中有一个共同点(Hallett和Karasek, 2008)。女性由于缺乏社会认可和预先设定的规则而受到压迫,这些规则迫使女性一直呆在特定的边界内。这可能会使这些女性变得歇斯底里。本篇paper代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The folk and fairy tale had a wonderful collection of tales that showed women in the limelight. In every tale, the main character has been influenced by personal and social conditions. For instance, the character Cindrella lives a happy life at the beginning. Soon after she is under the care of her stepmother, her life changed and she had to face criticism and aversion from the family. A particular incident in Cindrella is her projection and role in the celebration where she had even lost her slipper. Moreover, she was surrounded by a number of women. It is to be noted that she has spent most of her life in distress due to lack of care and recognition. Her life changed when her prince had grabbed hold of her. The story shows the desperation of Cindrella to step out of the four walls inside the house to explore the outer world. She craves for equality to unleash her ability (Mannoni, 1971). It is a similar situation in the Little Red Riding Hood where a female is exposed only to household chores and is extremely innocent by nature.

  How does it apply to Freud’s theory?

  Like Freud said, the folk and fairy tales have tales that display the social oppression of the main female character (Mannoni, 1971). This version of folk and fairy tale indicates the low lifestyle of Cindrella and her failed aspiration which got fulfilled by a prince. There are few sections of Cindrella listed in this version such as the glass slipper by Perrault, Indian Cindrella by Cyrus MacMillan, the wicked stepmother’s lament written by Sara Maitland and Little Gold Star by San Souci (Hallett and Karasek, 2008).

  The glass slipper is truly a fairy tale with the presence of fairy in it. However, the Indian Cindrella strongly has a link with Freud’s theory. It details how many other Indian Cindrellas who have aspirations and look out for a change in their lives. Little Gold Star is a different version where Cindrella is projected as a Spanish American. One thing is common in all these versions (Hallett and Karasek, 2008). The female is oppressed due to the lack of social recognition and predefined rules that force women to stay inside specific boundaries at all times. This is likely to develop hysteria among such women.