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paper代写-he impact of changes in discrimination law on employer behavior 。The concepts of equal opportunity and non- discrimination have been involved in the key principles of international community. Enshrined in several foreign instruments that include convention of International Labour Organization and United Nations, the concepts enjoy strong roots with the universal principles regarding human rights, equality and fundamental freedom (Bell, 2011). In the current emerging market platforms, organizations claim to be the leaders and setting examples of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), while establishing a diverse and productive workforce must address issues related to discrimination across the work place. In order to succeed, businesses must ensure to act decisively for eliminating practices of discrimination and creating equal opportunity and conditions of diversity within the employment contract (Lane, 2013). These efforts must go beyond the mandated requirements of the national law. The United Kingdom has an experience of 50 years in legislation of anti- discrimination. There has been a continuous rise in the number of cases and hence, there is a continuous proliferation of the statutory rules and bodies. UK is known for having a major influence when compared with other economies to shape European Commission Anti-Discrimination Law. As a result, there have been a number of changes within the legal framework of discrimination issues (Hand, 2012).
In reference with two case examples, the aim of this paper is to critically discuss the changes in discrimination law and its influence on the behaviour of institutions and employers considering the history course. The first case example is of a former police officer, Carol Howard who, in the year 2014 won 37,000 Euros from the Met Police after fighting the case against gender and racial discrimination. The second case example is regarding the McPherson report in which the Met Police was accused of institutional racism leading to the death of Stephen Lawrence, a black teenager, in the year 1993. Key points of recommendation will be provided based on this critical discussion.
Impact of Discrimination Law Changes on Institutions and Employers Behaviour
In context with the Articles of the Convention, the DAs and the government of UK are united and well determined for tearing down the challenges hindering equal opportunities across the workforce, for tackling each and every form of discrimination against the employees and for building a society of fairness. Overall, it can be concluded that discrimination laws have significantly affected the way in which institutions and organizations behave in the organization (Lane, 2013). However, there is still scope of improvement that can be seen well enough in the case. As stated by the lawyer of Carol, 15 years since the Met police had been branded as a “racist institution”, they have faced failure to address discrimination further pervading the system. It was also found by the panel that the appointment of detective sergeant for dealing with the complaints of FAW had been asked for deleting each and every reference to harassment and discrimination in relation to race or sex within a report (Mccolgan, 1995). As concluded in the judgment, “This had been done not because there was no evidence to support within the report, but because a complaint had been filed by the claimant regarding sex and racial discrimination at the tribunal. In addition, the case of Macpherson report resulted in a lasting and profound impact on the attitude of Britain towards race and triggering changes across the public sector. In the report, Met police was charged with a failure of leadership institutional racism and professional incompetence (Mccolgan, 1995). It can be further claimed that this report played a crucial role in deeply changing the culture of Britain towards race. However, it further claimed that it is still a long journey for dealing with serious allegation regarding the continuous behaviour of racism delivered by the police. This is still an ugly and persistent feature in the system of criminal justice.

paper代写 -he impact of changes in discrimination law on employer behavior 。 平等机会和不歧视的概念已纳入国际社会的主要原则。包括《国际劳工组织公约》(convention of International Labour Organization)和联合国(United Nations)在内的几项外国文书中,这些概念与人权、平等和基本自由的普遍原则有着深厚的渊源(Bell, 2011)。在当前的新兴市场平台上,组织自称是企业社会责任(CSR)的领导者和榜样,同时建立一支多样化和富有生产力的劳动力队伍,必须解决与工作场所歧视有关的问题。为了取得成功,企业必须确保采取果断行动,消除歧视行为,在雇佣合同中创造平等的机会和多样化的条件(Lane, 2013)。这些努力必须超越国内法规定的要求。英国在反歧视立法方面有50年的经验。案件数目不断增加,因此,法定规则和机构不断增加。与其他经济体相比,英国在制定欧盟反歧视法方面具有重要影响力。因此,歧视问题的法律框架发生了一些变化(Hand, 2012)。

本文以两个案例为参照,从历史的角度,对歧视法的变化及其对机构和雇主行为的影响进行了批判性的探讨。第一个例子是前警官卡罗尔霍华德(Carol Howard), 2014年,她在与性别和种族歧视作斗争后,从大都会警察局赢得了3.7万欧元。第二个例子是关于麦克弗森报告的,在该报告中,大都会警察局被控在制度上存在种族主义,导致一名黑人少年斯蒂芬·劳伦斯于1993年死亡。将在此关键讨论的基础上提出建议的要点。


根据《公约》的条款,英国的DAs和政府团结一致,决心消除阻碍劳动力机会平等的挑战,解决对雇员的每一种形式的歧视,建设一个公平的社会。综上所述,可以得出结论,歧视法对机构和组织在组织中的行为方式产生了显著的影响(Lane, 2013)。然而,在这个案例中仍有很大的改进空间。正如卡罗尔的律师所指出的,自从伦敦警察厅被打上“种族主义机构”的烙印15年以来,他们一直面临着无法解决进一步蔓延于整个系统的歧视的问题。小组还发现,已要求任命一名侦探警长处理一汽的投诉,删除一份报告中关于种族或性别方面的骚扰和歧视的每一项内容(Mccolgan, 1995)。如判决书中所述,“这样做不是因为报告内没有证据支持,而是因为索赔人已就法庭上的性别和种族歧视提出控诉。此外,麦克弗森案的报告对英国对待种族的态度产生了持久而深刻的影响,并引发了整个公共部门的变革。在报告中,大都会警察局被控领导不力、机构种族主义和专业无能(Mccolgan, 1995)。可以进一步说,这份报告在深刻改变英国的种族文化方面发挥了至关重要的作用。但是,它进一步声称,要处理关于警察不断犯下种族主义行为的严重指控,仍有很长的路要走。这在刑事司法体系中仍然是一个丑陋而顽固的特征。