本篇peaking代写-气候变化讲了气候变化是一种威胁,需要迫切关注其解决方案,否则其损害可能是不可逆转的。这种威胁不仅局限于一个确定的地区,而且其影响在全球气候变化中分布不均。气候变化的不利影响比预期的更具破坏性,因为它包括洪水、干旱、过多的冷热、旋风、海啸、水位上升、新疾病的爆发、粮食短缺、粮食质量恶化、空气质量恶化、地震等。这些影响在气候变化过程中渗透得如此之深,足以给城市和国家造成严重破坏。本篇peaking代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Climate change is a threat that requires urgent attention for its addressing, or else the damages could be irreversible. The threat is not just limited to a defined region, but its impacts are unequally distributed as per the changes in climate across the world. The adverse impacts of climate change are more devastating than expected in that it includes floods, droughts, too much heat and cold, cyclones, tsunamis, water level rise, outbreak of new diseases, scarcity of food, deterioration in food quality, deterioration in air quality, earthquakes, etc. These impacts are so penetrated in climate change process that they are capable of creating havoc for cities, and nations alike. It is a globally accepted truth that the issue of climate change is not of a single nation’s doing, but lies embedded in the historical development and industrialisation of the post war globalization period. In this period, cross border investments and international investments exceeded the slow pace of understanding its acute impacts on climate change.

  Now, more than ever, is the chance for all nations, including Australia, to come together to form practical and reasonable policies to end the continuous rise of negative impacts of climate change. Aim of this essay is to identify issues of climate change specific to Australia, its impacts, and propose multiple solutions for mitigating those impacts with practical strategies.


  In Australia, climate change impacts are seriously damaging, but there are different interpretations of the impacts. It is anticipated that there shall be a gradual increase in the mean temperature of about 2.8-5 degree Celsius, which can alter the way Australia conducts itself on a daily basis. There are anticipated extreme rainfalls, sea level rise, air quality temperature rise, and differential temperature impacts in internal and coastal areas in Australia. This may create more disparities in equitable distribution of mitigating and curative resources, once there is an impact that dents the country’s urban and rural population. The ones who are responsible for creating this have a moral obligation to be the first and the major part of the solution, or it shall indicate moral apathy. The industrial corporations, corporates, government, citizens, all are indirectly or directly responsible for mitigating the impacts of climate change at the earliest. They must mitigate it before it plays its part in damaging the country’s infrastructure.