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personal statement 代写:《千钧顶》电影分析



personal statement 代写 :《千钧顶》电影分析

The movie revolves in the central dilemma of how a person should be judged in terms of personality attributes, ambition and genome composition. The film highly deals with the genetic engineering. Vincent is the main hero of the movie and he has born in a totally obsolete manner. Vincent’s brother has always been displaying superiority to Vincent since childhood. The actions of Vincent in Gattaca movie do not seem to violate the basic moral principles. In the pursuit to achieve ambition, Vincent had never harmed and he has displayed beneficence throughout. He has faced the right treatment. However, he is a person with low intelligence quotient. At the end of the entire movie, Vincent achieves the total freedom and capability to socialize with other people in the society and this is a clear evidence of comparative justice. The members that Vincent face in the society is genetically engineered (Neill, 2002).
From the movie, it is understood that procreation does have limits and the child has to face a lot of limitations to come up in life. Still, it is evident that he was capable to exercise his rights and he tried to be just by all possible ways. The state of procreation does require adequate control from the lawmakers and parents. If this sort of control is applied and people are trained to behave ethically, then there is a purpose behind human cloning. This biomedical technology is applicable if the person faces no difficulties with the views she or he tries to put forward. Indeed, Vincent lacked intelligence. However, it does not mean that the parents have utilized their rights wrongly. On the whole, my personal view is that control is needed in huge amounts and rights do exist but not conveyed clearly. This clarity has to be worked on. Additionally, there is a need to enforce the right in such a way that the personal interference is totally avoided. This will bring in support and the theory will also work ethically.