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personal statement怎么写:绩效管理流程



实现RealFit的性能管理策略的主要目标是管理和改进组织所有级别的性能。根据绩效管理的定义,它是用来提高员工的敬业度,使组织有效(Mine, 2015)。RealFit需要认真对待绩效管理的重要性。公司必须寻找问题,问题的原因,当前的工作状态和技术来解决现有的和迫在眉睫的问题。


RealFit在向健身俱乐部和健身慢跑者批发健身设备方面蓬勃发展。只有提供更好的服务,转向私人销售市场和为家庭提供设备的新战略才能成功(Pritchard & PMP, 2014)。这就是为什么绩效管理对于RealFit在健身领域的扩张至关重要的原因。


对员工进行激励和培训,使其表现得更好。纳入年度销售颁奖晚会是一个受欢迎的倡议,从RealFit承认销售代表的努力。培训课程可以非常有效地教授员工个人在组织中的角色和职责以及策略。绩效考核在绩效管理中至关重要,有助于员工与组织战略保持一致(Rolstadas, 2012)。

绩效管理计划的数据收集分为两大类,即主要研究和次要研究。主要研究包括访谈、直接观察和问卷调查(Burney & Widener, 2013)。问卷是用来记录员工的回答,这些回答可能是经理没有注意到的。次要研究包括由个人收集的数据,而非公司的土著人员。这种数据收集方法有助于节省时间和检查可用数据的机会,这些可用数据可以为持久问题提供新的解决方案。

对数据进行分析的目的是实现业绩管理计划的目标。分析包括问卷评估、访谈和扣除(Pritchard & PMP, 2014)。


personal statement怎么写 :绩效管理流程

The performance management plan is dependent on certain components such as objectives, performance reviews and appraisals as well as opportunities for learning and growth. The performance management plan for RealFit can be prepared in steps as follows.
The primary objective of performance management strategy for RealFit is to manage and improve performance across all levels of the organization. According to the definition of performance management, it is used to increase employee engagement and make an organization effective (Mine, 2015). RealFit needs to take the significance of performance management quite seriously. The company must look out for problems, cause of issues, current work status and techniques to solve existing as well as imminent issues.
Improving services:
RealFit thrives in wholesale supply of fitness equipment to health clubs and fitness canters. The new strategy of shifting to private sales market and supply of equipment for domestic use can be successful only with the provision of better services (Pritchard & PMP, 2014). This is the reason why performance management is essential for RealFit to expand its domain in the fitness sector.
Motivating staff:
The staff shall be motivated with incentives and training programs to perform better. The inclusion of an annual sales awards night is a welcomed initiative from RealFit to recognize the efforts of sales representatives. Training sessions can be quite effective in teaching employees about the individual roles and responsibilities in the organization as well as the strategy. Performance reviews and appraisals are crucial in performance management and help an employee to align with the organizational strategy (Rolstadas, 2012).
Data collection for a performance management plan is classified into two major categories such as primary research and secondary research. Primary research comprises of interviews, direct observation and questionnaires (Burney & Widener, 2013). The questionnaire is used to record the responses of employees which might have escaped the sight of managers. Secondary research comprises of data collected by individuals than the indigenous personnel of the company. This data collection method helps in saving time and an opportunity to review the available data which can offer new solutions to persistent issues.
The analysis of data is carried out with the purpose of addressing the objectives of the performance management plan. The analysis comprises evaluation of questionnaires, interviews and deductions (Pritchard & PMP, 2014).
The reporting requirements include presenting the data obtained from employees in a statistical fashion. The reporting of data is done either in a table format or in any convenient manner.