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  本篇ps代写-数字营销策略失败的原因讲了数字营销策略的另一个问题是,它更关注商店的客流量,而不是网上购物。这意味着优先考虑的是线下广告和销售,而不是社交商务。在Sports Direct遭遇声誉问题之后,公司必须更多地关注SEO和内容选择,并在多个平台上提出在线重定向策略。本篇ps代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Reasons for failure of digital marketing strategies

  The multichannel strategy lacks effectiveness due to various reasons.

  - The brand image has been tarnished in the middle and it required redesign and redevelopment of digital marketing (Hobbs, 2016). Upon observing the social media platform and website, it has only displayed the regular social media and content marketing strategies but failed to influence and encourage advocacy. It did not encourage engagement among the targeted community.

  - As Sports Direct follows tailor made digital marketing strategy depending on the target market, it has failed to focus on aspects like content personalization, usability testing, web analytics and campaign management. Though campaigns are available online, they have not been very successful. They have perhaps failed to rebuild the brand and enhance the lost reputation (Hobbs, 2016).

  - The other problem with the digital marketing strategy is that it focused more on footfalls to the store rather than the online purchases. This implies that priority is given to offline advertising and sales rather than the social commerce. After the reputation problem that hits Sports Direct, it is essential for the firm to focus more on SEO and content choices and propose online retarget strategies on multiple platforms.