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市场驱动的方法:它也被称为UCR,即通常的、习惯的和现实的方法。在此基础上,根据社会、地区或社区的行业趋势进行定价。这种方法假设患者对价格敏感(ABS, 2014)。


ps代写 :医疗费用的常用定价规则

大多数情况下,对于如何评估病人护理的过程缺乏足够的知识。在整个护理周期中,服务提供者没有将重点放在针对特定情况患者的治疗支出上,而是根据其提供的服务种类的特殊性,结合并协助支出。“支出评估”这个词表明许多成功而有效的服务提供者没有得到适当的报酬。这也意味着一些效率低下的供应商得到了一点激励来改进(Gosbee, 2012)。有多少机构需要被罚款,如果这一课的改进是对极度困倦的要求的话。服务提供者主要关注付费设施,并试图通过将支出转移到其他利益相关者身上来减少时间。

ps代写 :医疗费用的常用定价规则

Two key rules for pricing fees charged for medical treatment is involved:
Market-driven method: it is also termed as UCR that is usual, customary, and realistic. On the basis of this approach the pricing is then as per the industrial trends in the society, region or community. This approach presumes that patients are price sensitive (ABS, 2014).
Related value methodology: by this method the fees is linked with the worth of the services being delivered and treatment been undertaken. This methodology takes the skill set, timing, and risk into consideration.

ps代写 :医疗费用的常用定价规则

There is mostly full shortage of knowledge on how the course has to be assessed for delivery of patient care. Rather than focusing on the expenditure of treatment for patients with particular circumstances in the full cycle of care, the service providers combine and assist the expenditures on the basis of the speciality on the kind of service they provide. This word assessment of expenditure shows that lots of successful and effective service providers are not paid appropriately. It also means that some of the inefficient providers get a little incentive to improve (Gosbee, 2012). How many were there is a need for institutions to be fined if the improvements made by the lesson are the requirement for Great sleepy. The service providers focus on largely paid facilities and try to reduce time by shifting of expenditures to other stakeholders.