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此外,有针对性的现金转移也被认为是扶贫开发过程中使用的基本资源之一。顺便说一下,针对贫困国家或经济,也可以追溯到资源有限的国家的社会保护。然而,这显然表明,在针对真正需要帮助的群体以及规定的数额是否足以满足穷人的基本需求的过程中出现了一些问题。因此,这将有利于决策者实施更有效的目标制定方法,这将有助于决策者更有效地制定目标(Slater, 2011)。现金转让支助需要评估其更好运作的更广泛框架。



ps代写 :印度消除贫困的方法分析

The problem of poverty has posed to be a very serious issue and is wide spread; therefore, solving the problem from the root would be a time-consuming aspect. This would be desirable that the social development programs need to be well designed which would ensure to meet the required level of nutrition as the primary factor. Then it would ensure the proper education and health facilities which would help in the development of more effective workforce of the country. The development of skilled labourers and entrepreneurs is the primary requirement for the eradication of extreme poverty from the countries. The growth of the economy in financial terms can be effective towards the generation of additional revenue, and the same can be used for enhanced social protection.
The following of more programs as considered by India can be further identified as the most efficient step for eradicating poverty. The issuing of bio-metric smart cards is giving identification to the poor by their names in the country. Moreover, this has further assisted the social programs in the process of targeting the poor and study to bring in improvements in their lives (The Economist , 2013). Thus, the social programs would be able to perform more effectively. Moreover, the conditional cash transfer opportunities of Mexico and Brazil further helped in the reduction of poverty.
Moreover, targeting cash transfer is accounted as one of the basic resources to be used in the process of poverty reduction programs. By the way, targeting the poor countries or the economies can be traced out and also the countries with the restricted resources for the social protection. However, this has been evident that there are a number of problems registered in the process of targeting the group who are in real need and whether the specified amount is adequate for poor to meet their basic requirements. Therefore, this would be desirable for the policy makers to implement more effective methods for targeting which would help the decision makers to set the targets more efficiently (Slater, 2011).The cash transfer support needs to evaluate the wider framework for its better functioning.
Therefore, this can be said in the nutshell that despite following a number of poverty reduction programs, the problem of poverty is persistent. It is important to mention here that there are a number of challenges witnessed by the social transformation programs in the process of reducing or eliminating poverty. Yet, a considerable reduction of the level is evident. Therefore, owing to this positive note, it can be said that the global economy continues to grow at the stable rate and the programs would prove to be more effective. In the process of the study, one thing got reflected is that there are a number of methods such as the cash transfer, targeting and the other methods which are being considered for the reduction and eradicating poverty.
Though the result was not up to the desired level, as poverty is posing to be a persistent problem, yet there are developments reflected in most of the economies. There are some prominent challenges appearing to be major obstructions in the process of social transfer programs, but the following of the suggested methods would be effective to meet the target results. Apart from considering the economic and the political growth, the policy makers need to pay more attention towards eradicating the poverty from the root in the application of full proof methods and policies towards social development.