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  本篇ps代写-员工管理讲了管理者的360度反馈管理系统,通过从管理者、同行群体、消费者甚至同事等多个渠道收集反馈,帮助提高员工的绩效。反馈系统具有匿名性,应作为开发工具而不是管理工具。Body Shop作为一个组织,对于它的管理者来说,需要在it内部进行投资之前了解高性能的开发系统。本篇ps代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The analytical procedure in future for HRIS in relation to Body Shop can be utilized in an excellent manner. The key lies in being flexible and the company has ensured that it will be completely flexible towards the system.

  Training and Development of Body Shop Manager

  Current Usage

  Body Shop is a successful organization built over employees with much satisfaction and appropriate training. They are the greatest assets in the company. The training and development system of Body Shop helps its managers to reinvigorate and rejuvenate. The key features from this system are comprised of the following:

  The system is developed in conjunction to HRIS to make sure that all the requirements of training at Body shop are managed effectively (Hendrickon, 2013).

  Modules of employee management within the system help the company HR professionals to design and undertake development of training calendar as per the requirement of employees.

  The module of employee management prepares in an automatic manner an employee’s list as per the upcoming sessions of development.

  The module for employee management further helps to prepare the employees progress sheet that is the managers.

  Further essentials are tools for employment development that HRIS offers (Kossek et al., 2014). These tools are also the essential component of the system of training management in conjunction with HRIS. A system of 360 degree feedback management for managers helps in improving the performance of employees through feedback gathered from several sources such as managers, peer groups, consumers and even colleagues. The system of feedback furthermore has anonymity and should be utilized as a tool for development instead of an administration tool. Body Shop as an organization, for its managers, needs to understand the high performing systems of development prior to investment made within it (Kovach et al., 2009). They consistently look at improving their systems of development so that the managers are benefitted from it. One of the biggest fear for the managers at Body Shop can only be the perspective that after the employees training, there might be a lookout for change in employment and therefore they do not motivate the process of training. This concern might be valid but at Body Shop, this issue is dealt in the best possible manner by considering the way in which HRIS can be used for development.