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上述计划的绩效管理系统需要包括kpi或关键绩效指标,这些指标可以判断执行绩效管理计划的有效性。建立KPI取决于某些因素,例如所需KPI的数量、对KPI负责的个人、可能绕过KPI的路径以及KPI的基准。绩效管理计划用于识别与组织目标相关的新形成的目标(Burney & Widener, 2013)。员工绩效与组织绩效之间的关系通过将两者都缩小到一个领域来加强。绩效管理策略中涉及的维度包括对组织绩效的清晰理解。然后重点放在将组织目标转变为个人目标上。还会评估员工个人绩效对公司整体绩效的影响,然后告知员工组织进展情况(Boile et al., 2016)。

根据给定的案例研究和根据案例制定的绩效管理计划,这里可以为销售经理提出一些重要的建议(Banker, Potter & Srinivasan, 2015)。


应实施培训和发展会议,培训销售经理提供可行的绩效考核,以培养员工对组织的积极性和奉献精神。这反过来又会影响员工的绩效,进而影响组织目标的容易实现(Rolstadas, 2012)。

让员工参加与组织高级成员的重要会议将有助于获得创新建议,并灌输员工的认同感(Pritchard & PMP, 2014)。


商业文章代写 :绩效管理系统的使用

The performance management system planned as above needs to include KPIs or key performance indicators which can judge the efficacy of implementing a performance management plan. Establishing KPIs is dependent on certain factors such as number of required KPIs, individuals accountable for the KPI, probable bypasses to the KPIs and benchmarks for the KPIs. The performance management plan is used to identify newly formed objectives in relation to organizational objectives (Burney & Widener, 2013). The relation between employee performance and organizational performance is strengthened by narrowing both of them into a single domain. The dimensions which were addressed in the performance management strategy include a lucid understanding of the organization’s performance. Then the focus is placed on changing organizational goals into individual objectives. The impact of individual performance of an employee on the overall performance of the company is also evaluated and then employees are informed about the status of organizational progress (Boile et al., 2016).
According to the given case study and the performance management plan which is prepared in accordance with the case, some important recommendations for sales manager can be presented here (Banker, Potter & Srinivasan, 2015).
Rather than settling for a casual and flexible reporting system, RealFit should embark on a formal management so that performance management is developed along with supporting the staff for a meaningful association with the organization’s activities.
Training and development sessions shall be implemented to train sales managers for offering viable performance reviews which can develop employee’s motivation and dedication for the organization. This in turn will impact employee performance and subsequently organizational objectives attained easily (Rolstadas, 2012).
Including employees in crucial meetings with senior members of the organization would help in acquiring innovative suggestions as well as inculcate a feeling of recognition in employees (Pritchard & PMP, 2014).
These processes, analyses, plans and strategies would work comprehensively in case of RealFit, only if proper research and procedures are followed.